Jeanne Claire Probst

Thought and Poem – September 20, 2014

More and more, for whatever reasons, people are losing their excitement about reaching personal goals, or even about wanting to continue to live. They may be feeling that life is too hard and to face each new day; they don’t see the point of doing so and they lose any interest in trying.

Well, this is what I have to say. I have “been there and done that” kind of thinking and it really gets you nowhere. So, I started comparing my life to a pair of shoes. Were mine dirty and the soles full of holes from all the wrong turns I have walked with them and they now needed some sprucing up? It is amazing how older shoes can look newer when given a fresh coat of polish and shined; and would even be more comfortable to wear if they had the holes in the bottom of their shoes re-soled.

Our lives can be like the dirty unpolished shoes at times. Especially if we don’t take the time to dream of exciting new journeys we want our lives to take. We give up on thinking there are still new roads for us travel and we don’t care to see where they might lead us.

We need to be realistic when we purchase shoes in a store. We need the right size, and they need to be the right type of shoe for the task they will be helping us to fulfill. When I was younger I remember mothers buying their children shoes one size bigger, for them to “grow” into. Yet the reality is, that because the shoes did not fit their feet properly, they were apt to wear out faster and never get to do the job they were meant to do.

What about you. Are you wearing the right size shoes for the roads you want to take in life? Share your thoughts with us…Jeanne Claire Probst


Are you wearing the shoes you were meant to wear?
If not, your life may not be going anywhere.
Or at least not in the direction you think you should go.
Could be your shoes are too big; only the person wearing them would know.

Sometimes we feel that we have nothing for which to live,
But life is not about what it can give us, but what we can give.
Still we tend to want more than what we should have,
Then when reality hits, perhaps we weren’t wearing the shoes we were meant to wear, it leaves us feeling sad.

And then there are those who think their shoes did enough walking,
They feel any new life journeys still left are not worth taking,
Then perhaps their shoes need to be polished and shined, or maybe re-soled,
So these will feel like they have a new pair of shoes and begin to think, they could possibly reach newer goals.

Jeanne Claire Probst


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