Marketing for Authors?

 personally, have been pondering about this for a long time, because I have been writing my book for a long time.
After this long time, I decided that social media is the modern answer to these questions, but not in the way most people perceive it. Collecting likes and shares is NOT IT!
I have linked with one person who talked a lot of sense about book marketing on social media, at least to my ears, and invest in his advise. The rest of the limited budget goes to editing, because I read too many books with spelling and grammar mistakes in it to publish without a proper edit.

The marketing principle is like follows, build a network of influencers. Link all your social media and work from the hub, a blog or web page dedicated to you as an author. Work a mailing list and frequently update with things you think your readers might be interested in.

The important thing here is the influencers, they are key people who are active in the reviews, beta reading, genre specific websites and talk a lot about what they just read. If you manage to find some of these, the theory states your network will grow and your name will spread.

I don't know where they are but fortunately (or unfortunately as time may prove) I believe my contact who claims he does have these key influencers in his networks.

This may turn out the next clueless thing authors can do with their money, but I think, and hope, not so. We will see.

The toughest thing I have found is that I have seen a lot of good authors comment on peoples blogs, reviews, and articles in an attempt to drawn an audience. The problem is almost every time they either are clearly selling themselves on someone else review or they are so ambiguous you wouldn't know if they were an author or not.

I have not seen that often, but I agree it is pointing to a problem. Lots of self published authors are not seeking out their market. Instead they are floating around on the writer forums where they found new skills. These other members are a good source of info, and banter, but not a readers market as such.
Venture out and find the non writing markets because these are the masses that read books. Most you will not find on writer forums. 



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