Changes, By the Social media.

It may be a matter of research on how has social media, particularly Facebook and WhatsApp affected society.

I can talk about the changes in me and the part of society In which I move.                    1. It has created loneliness for some people and given succor from loneliness to the people,  who were lonely. At least these people can have contacts and communicate with them in cyberspace.

2. It is good and presently necessary to keep in touch with our family, relatives, and friends.

3. People are following 'Sharing is caring' and 'sharing is joy' and sharing compulsively too much. People are sharing even otherwise the unshareable things like pictures of very personal and private moments.

4. Some times I doubt that social media has changed the personality of some persons or caused duel or multiple personality syndromes. Introvert becomes extrovert and vise Versa. Some introverts start talking much and some extroverts prefer silently watching the activities without any reaction. We can see a marked difference in the behavior of some people online and offline.

I have also changed. I was a reserved guy shying away from any publicity or limelight. Now I like to share all my activities, life events, and any big or small achievements online.

Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed by this newly acquired behavior.

However, I like social media, recognize it's power and usefulness. It can be misused also so need some caution.

Go on sharing good things on social media. Spread love and peace.

Ravi Ranjan Goswami
Cochin , India


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