The God delusion, Delusion. Where science and religion meet.


It is almost impossible to make somebody believe in something they cannot perceive. For this reason, we cannot blame anybody for not believing in spirit or an invisible God. This brings us to an extremely important question. What is the reason for so many people rejecting the Bible? Is the Bible no more relevant, or is it simply the way that dogmatic religion transformed a book of spiritual science, into a history and storybook? Do science and religion meet, and if they do, where is the missing link? In this book, we will learn that there is a link that clearly connects science and religion and that there is much more to the Bible’s mysteries than people ever imagined. 

If I had to tell you, that Adam never was the first human on earth, would you believe me? Not only was he not the first human on earth, but he never was a physical human being. You might also find it hard to believe, that Jesus never was a physical human being either. We will also learn, that God does not live in space and that no god will physically come on the clouds to destroy the earth. After reading this book, we will have a clear understanding of what Jesus is, and we will see, that there were two Adams. The first Adam was earthy, and the second Adam was from heaven. As a matter of fact, the second Adam was a spiritually enlightened being, and the Lord from heaven. We will also learn, that there never was a Jesus that was physically crucified. The recording of our creation in Genesis was not a recording of our physical universe, and that evolution and the creation in Genesis perfectly connect. If we do not understand the physical creation the way scientists and Darwin explained it by evolution; the creation in the Bible will not make any sense at all. If you do not believe in evolution, and you believe that the creation in Genesis was a recording of our physical creation; ask yourself this question: What is the reason for believing in what you believe in? Is it simply because you want to believe what the masses believe in? Do the Bible and all its teachings, honestly make sense to you? According to you; does the Bible contradict itself, or does it not? We have to remember, that God is Light; and if we do not understand something, we are in darkness. In this book, we will compare contradiction texts. And we will see, that everything makes perfect sense; from Genesis to Revelation; when we understand the codes, in which the Bible was written.

Nicky Verster
Port Elizabeth , South Africa


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