Goodkindles website - Has anyone out there had experience with it?

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Just looking for feedback as I'm considering submitting an ebook on their site but as always, would like to do some research before making the investment. Thanks.

It's called "". I've read up on it and it's basically another website for helping to distribute Kindle ebooks. Just curious if anyone has seen it. Their pricing is pretty cheap for the exposure but what and how much exposure you get is the question. 

(a) It's a blog doing no more than you already get on Amazon, and just as limited to Kindle books. It does not help "distribute" e-books.
(b) You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it has nothing to do with Amazon (or, apparently, Goodreads), which seems more than a little sleazy.
(c) "How much exposure" indeed. This is someone (unidentified as far as I can see) asking us to pay to provide her/im with blog copy. No idea how many followers or clickthroughs or sales. 



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