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Just depends on what you're doing. If you're doing things from the ground up it can be tough to be a one man shop. However when you're using well made templates and a modern CMS like Joomla or even code frame work (like cake or code igniter) you can build things a lot faster. You also have to be smart in how you charge your clients and you may have to itemize some features. For example, if it's going to take you 30 hrs to make sure that a fixed element is going to look right on a wide variety of browsers and resolutions you should charge appropriately. 

Throwing things in for free like that or not itemizing it will drive you crazy. However if you make it an option then your client might decide that a feature is not worth the cost to implement so they save money and you save headaches.



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Find the calmness in your daily tasks
Find the work that fulfils you
Find the passion that keeps you alive
Find the friends who relax you
Find the serenity from nature sounds
Find the beauty in flowers and butterflies
Find the faith to trust yourself
Find the strength against difficult situations
Find the wisdom to handle negative people
Finding yourself helps you find your universe
And the kingdom of heaven that's inside you
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