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The other day I accidentally came across a site called, iwritelike.com  On this site you submit a sample of your writing and the site compares your writing style to successful authors. Now I've been accused of having an old fashioned style of writing, which is hardly surprising as I am in my seventies and learned to write in the nineteen forties and fifties so I tend to write in sentences rather than text. I was brought up reading Charles Dickens, HG Wells, and Arthur Conan Doyle, so I expected to be compared to some obscure nineteenth century author.  Instead I was compared to a  writer named Cory Doctrow. Now to my shame I had no idea who Cory Doctrow was. I wasn't even sure if Cory Doctrow was a man or a woman until I did a little research. To my surprise he was not a nineteenth century writer, as I expected, but born in 1971, the year I was married.

It appears that Cory is a Canadian blogger, journalist, and science fiction author so no comparisons with content, but he has won many awards so perhaps there is still a chance for me yet? 


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Find the calmness in your daily tasks
Find the work that fulfils you
Find the passion that keeps you alive
Find the friends who relax you
Find the serenity from nature sounds
Find the beauty in flowers and butterflies
Find the faith to trust yourself
Find the strength against difficult situations
Find the wisdom to handle negative people
Finding yourself helps you find your universe
And the kingdom of heaven that's inside you
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