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Books Online encourages creative writing and all levels of writers throughout the world. Many writers from India, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, France and all parts of this world contacted our international writers forum ‘CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND WRITERS’ to start a website to promote their books freely. To provide services to Fiction / non fiction writers, poets, novelist and published authors we decided to create this nonprofit website to promote books of Authors and for sharing inspirational quotes, jokes and poems by writers and those who begin writing.

This website is useful for common person to buy great books buy authors from New York, Los Angeles, California, Alaska, Denver,  Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Victoria, London, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Paris, Sydney, Turkey, Istanbul,  Seychelles, Seattle, Delhi, Colombo, Mumbai, and from every cites all over the world.

 We have taken a great effort that was appreciated by many leaders to help the authors to promote their books freely. After writing the thoughts, dreams and imagination if nobody reads what is the purpose of writing. So marketing and book promotion is very import for authors. We help authors to advertise their book freely.

Now authors can sell their book globally and reach people/ buyers from China, Russia, USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Africa, Korea, South, North and even more countries around the world. People from all over the world like to read your books. What you have to do is to advertise your book on books online directory.

Advertising is very important to promote your books. Many websites are collecting money to promote your book. But we do this freely. This website is absolutely free for authors to post details about their books and also links to buy their books. We invite you to advertise your book on our website and get the chance to sell your books to millions of readers around the world.

In future we will provide options for authors to freely self publish their books. We will work in all areas for writers and authors for their growth. You can grow with us. Feel free to share your ideas to this world through us.

We have jokes/humor/ comedy section where you can share your joke and word plays. Laughing is good for health and mind. Smile, write your own jokes and share with us. Many comedians are born to make this world laugh. Write your own comedy and make everybody laugh through this public website.

Poetry is born from good imagination, word magic and through language knowledge. We have a poem section where you can post and share poems. We also allow English literature students to participate on our website. Students who pursue B.A, M.A, and Graduate Post graduate can also share their write ups. A good poem may give you good mind.

Book trailers were made to promote books. In this website you can post your book trailers.



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Find the calmness in your daily tasks
Find the work that fulfils you
Find the passion that keeps you alive
Find the friends who relax you
Find the serenity from nature sounds
Find the beauty in flowers and butterflies
Find the faith to trust yourself
Find the strength against difficult situations
Find the wisdom to handle negative people
Finding yourself helps you find your universe
And the kingdom of heaven that's inside you
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