Imaginary Puzzle Pieces

Through the way we become conditioned, we see life as if there are imaginary puzzle pieces that need to fit into certain spots, and because of this we are constantly working on completing the puzzle.

The issue with having to constantly arrange life as if it were a puzzle is it’s all imaginary, and even if one makes up a story the puzzle is complete, the mind begins a new puzzle almost immediately. Life is continuous, it’s broken up into segments (imaginary puzzle pieces) by a mind that’s in a constant state of agitation. If this wasn’t true, one would see the puzzle (life) as complete and life wouldn’t constantly need to be arranged to one’s liking. It isn’t because of anything right or wrong that makes one see things in this way, it’s because the mind has been trained to do instead of be, so it can only do what it’s trained to do. How can it not?

The Conditioned Mind sees imaginary puzzles all over the place. The shortest line in the supermarket, traffic, diets, to do list, and so on, all this manipulating is strictly done to put another piece of the imaginary puzzle in place; which one thinks will make life perfect. Let’s say everyday is a new puzzle, that would mean I completed roughly 21,000 imaginary puzzles, all for the sole purpose to constantly have life the way I think it should be. After all nobody purposely gets in the longest line at the supermarket, but if you did, nothing would really change except for maybe not having to constantly arrange life to complete your imaginary puzzles.

Michael Cupo
Clark, Nj , United States Of America


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