Two Certainties

From the time existence in this form begins change is constant, some glaring and some very subtle and it happens without permission. How this change is adjusted to determines how one lives.

There are certain things that will happen in life no matter how much one tries to avoid them. One of these certainties is the end of existence in this current form and the other is things will change no matter how much you try to keep them a certain way; both of these are certain and inevitable. There is no way around these two things, the difference is one happens once and when it occurs it will never be repeated as we know of. The other happens constantly and is repeated over and over. From the time existence in this form begins, change happens, some glaring and some very subtle, and it happens whether one wants it to or not.

Each day most of our waking hours are spent trying to arrange the day to our liking, but the only problem with this is most of our day is wasted trying to arrange the day to our liking. This occurs because we’ve been conditioned to believe there is a self that needs things to be different. This conditioning keeps the mind addicted to a self that is in a constant state of agitation and when the mind is agitated, it will use the developed tools, to not so much quiet the agitation, but to distract from it. The distractions in this case manifest as Conditioned Mind Patterns that are constantly trying to arrange life to satisfy this false self. When this is seen whether change occurs once or constantly, it’s allowed and this simply occurs because there’s not a self that minds the change that is happening.

Michael Cupo
Clark, Nj , United States Of America


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