I wake up early with the rising sun,
With it's rays falling on my face,
Rejuvenating my pulse,
Calling me to wake up and rush,
Rush to fulfill a dream,
The dream that had been in my sleep last night,
The dream of making myself a good human
The dream of preaching a religion named
I see the pitter-patter rain drops,
They bring out the aroma of the soil,
The aroma of our mother earth,
When she smiles with the cleansining heavenly
The pours that wash away the stains of blood
off her bosom,
The blood that has been drying there with the
tempreature of brutality,
Brutality of so called humans.


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For every tear 
My soul fades away 
And words are a spear 
Killing with no delay.

I feel so broken and diminished 
While no one cares 
I am angry, undone, and finished 
While no one listens cries 
In the dark of the night 
And yet, I dare to fight.

Steal my joy 
I am a toy of pain 
A soul to eradicate 
I feel now so plain.

I wished that more and more 
I could be straightforward 
To tell the world my words are a door 
To protect my feelings from the sword 
The spoken words can hurt with no delay
While my dreams and desire to stay 
Stays by nothing but the thread 
While you forget all I said 
So far...
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