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Domenic Marinelli is the author of multiple books which include: ACROSS A DARK RIVER IN PALERMO, GENERIC V, BENEATH THE WHITE DARKNESS, 13 YEARS OF LAMENTATION, HIS OLD TAPES (STORIES & POETRY), MILES IN THE DARK, THE MANNARO MOTEL, ANCIENT CREDOS IN SANSKRIT MODERNA, and so many more... In his writing, he has written in the crime, psychological thriller, horror, sci-fi, transgressive, Neo-Beat and non-genre domains alike. He also writes plays, poetry and of course, non-fiction. ​Some of his work has been published at/in: Pro Wrestling News Hub, USFL News Hub, Thirsty For News, Lombardi Ave, The Gamer, The Sportster, HotCars, XFL News Hub, The Travel, The Recipe, Ringside News, The Things, The Talko, Steel Notes Magazine, Show Snob Magazine, West Island Community News Blog, Dog O' Day Magazine, Park Extension News, the MTL Times, Daily DDT, E-Wrestling News, the CFL News Hub, Slam Wrestling, Guilty Eats, and he has written articles and video script content for as well. ​He has written on a variety of topics including: sports, car technology, gaming, food, politics, crime, community, entertainment, current affaires and the spread and ensuing effects of the Covid-19 virus. All of this content was professionally published online and in print for local and non-local papers and magazines. He has also extensively covered the professional wrestling industry for a variety of publications, which is yet another one of his passions. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with his wife, Sarah, where he is hard at work on upcoming projects. For more info, check out his website: Which is also where you can check out his newsletter: ''Resonance In Dark Ink.'' Be sure to follow Domenic on Twitter : And on Instagram: And on Facebook: Check out his Linktree:


Save ... Act - A Collection of Ten Stories
Weathered Tracks
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  • A war is raging within my heart
    As I see things around me fall apart
    Worry has a grip on me
    And I do not know what will be
    Why do I let the fear come in?
    When I believe that I am strong
    I will not stand for people judging me
    Because I am more than they can see
    So, it does not matter what you think
    You will not push me to the brink
    Maybe it is time to do a rethink
    About the things you thought of me
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