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Tommy J Tompkins Jr
My name is Tommy Tompkins and I was born and raised in Northeast Texas. After attending College in Texas, I relocated to Alabama and met my soul mate. We are married with two beautiful daughters and enjoy life on the Gulf Coast. For the last 15-20 years I have worked as an Insurance Adjuster and Insurance Consultant. Over the years, I have also dealt with the abusive telemarketing calls that Americans are currently dealing with and decided to do something about it. My wife has witnessed my ability to take my knowledge and use it to stop the calls and she has also found the checks in the mail from these telemarketers. After many years of my wife persuading me to share this knowledge by writing a book about it, I finally took her advice. I want to personally thank everyone that purchases my eBook; together, with our collective efforts, we can fight back against the abuse of telemarketing calls. I encourage all of you to become a robocall warrior!


Stop Telemarketing Calls & Get Paid
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Our untold story waits for its explosion

As our love ages more than we know.

The first time I saw you under a peepal tree

With your hair flowing in the air like

It has escaped all the aches and your lips

Weaving stories of a fairytale, I knew

It was you who warmed all my particles of heart

And now they are restless for an explosion;

An explosion of vigorous love, care and bond.

Everytime I sublime myself in the sweet essence of you,

I can feel the explosion of eternity occuring in my skin.

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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