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Geo Gosling
Geo Gosling was born in 1970 in Deer Park, CA which is very near the world famous Napa Valley. He attended the University of California, at Davis and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fermentation Science. His first job out of school was in the laboratory of Grgich Hills Cellars in Rutherford, CA. After one harvest there, he became the Cellar Master/Assistant Winemaker at Flora Springs Wine Co. While attending UC Davis he became an avid bicycle rider. He continued riding bicycles after graduating but also started racing them. One fine day after work, Geo went on a bicycle ride. On the way home, just as it was getting dark, Geo tested a law of physics. The law which states that two pieces of matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Geo and his bicycle was one piece of matter, the other piece was a pick-up truck. Geo proved, without a doubt that the law is, in fact, a law which cannot be broken.


VD: Vintage Death
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Don't I feel like a loser when I learn you're through with me.
It was news to everyone, especially to me.
Don't I feel pathetic, like there's something wrong with me.
She is far more beautiful than I could ever be.
I stand here null and solemn, though it must be written on my face,
that I've found before the world what you couldn't say to my face.
You blow right on by me with your new love, hand in hand.
So smug, haughty, and thoughtless.  You are not much of a man.
Filled with anger, through and through, I feel like I could drown.
I lift my glass and drink fast to chase the feeling down.
I close my eyes.  I still see your face.  Somehow I should have known.
You kill me inside with a passing glance, and now my heart grows cold.
So much time spent in a one sided love was wasted all on you.
Don't I feel like a loser for ever caring about you.

By Anne Rasico (Joyce)

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