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Theodora Yeldell Mays
This book is a collection of poems and inspirational writings that portray the deep thinking and sometimes even controversial thinking of the author about things and perspectives you may never have thought of before. Most of her poems have been written in a unique way while using a creative play on words as she invites the reader into a glimpse of what she's thinking in Read My Mind . . . See My Thoughts.


Christian, What in this WORLD kind of LIGHT are YOU?

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He is life,
A great, mystical tree,
Symbolic in nature,
Eternally free.
She is root,
Hidden, deep below,
With a foundation enduring,
She is a mystery to know.
Combined is the essence of Him.
Revealed is the depth of love Divine,
Captured, perfectly, over a history of time.
Good and bad,
Back to their own identity.
As it was in the garden,
The One tree of serenity.
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