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Carolyn June Jackson
Carolyn June-Jackson, an award-winning poet, remembers the oppressed systemic racism of the late 1950s and the volatile civil rights movement during the early 1960s while growing up in Arlington, Virginia. These early memories influenced her expressions of racism and segregation through a black prism in her poetry. As a result, though she began writing in the 1980s, she didn't take her writing seriously until the 2000s. Carolyn published her first poetry book, “My Poetic Threads Create a Tapestry,” in January 2021. On its launch, Amazon awarded it #1 Hottest New Best Seller; #1 Black and African-American Poetry; and #2 United States Literary Criticism. Her poetry recognizes the African Diaspora, its history, relationships, struggles with racism, social and political issues that impact the everyday lives of African-Americans. One of the highlights of her writing was penning a tribute to Congressman John Lewis's Life and legacy at his passing. The late Congressman's family returned a heartfelt acknowledgment and a photo collage.


My Poetic Threads Create a Tapestry


Will They Ban Alice?

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Things that make you

Stop and smile

Focus and pause

A little while

What captures your eye

And makes you look

What grabs your soul

And sets the hook

Passions we have

We can’t ignore

To what we’re driven

We must explore

Chef in the kitchen

Begins to cook

Feels like the bishop

That got the rook

A builder steps back

Admires the house

Proud as a cat

That caught the mouse

The musician plays

And performs the song

To which the crowds

Sing along

We all have gifts

It’s only fair

They benefit others

And we must share

Some are inherent

Others unique

Most take work

To hone technique

We live our lives

The way we must

It’s vital our compass

Collects no dust

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