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Mind Openers 1.0 is the first of a two-part set. It chronicles how the astounding discoveries of modern physics have fundamentally changed our understanding of reality. Using a mix of historical narrative, intuitive analogies, and graphics - the book explores, explains, and wonders at meaning of our deepest theories.

Key topics:
History of science
Quantum theory
String Theory
Loop quantum gravity


This book is about how prayer making a dynamic and demonstrative difference in the life of faith believers.
The book have sixteen chapters wonderfully written.

The prayer of Job, Jesus, Jabez, Jonah, David, Daniel, Elijah, Hannah, Hezekiah, Nehemiah, Solomon, Four additional chapters: The Power connection, Prayer Changes Things, The Power and Possibility of Prayer, and why the Church Needs to Pray for a God Given and Sent Pastor.

It's a paper back book with 190 pages, price is $15.00
What do you do when your mate is in a catatonic state? Sparky and his soul dragon knew the answer. Care for him, love him, and do everything you can to keep him safe. Teagan wished there was a way to get his mate to hear him but he was a prisoner in his own mind. When a dead body is found on Drago land, the two must figure out how to release Teagan from his prison before it's too late....


Mothers love their daughters unconditionally and daughters love their mothers just the same.  They have an extraordinary, almost magical bond that flourishes and strengthens as life happens

every second,

of every minute,

of every hour

of every day. 


Enjoy this remarkable story of a Mother's enduring love for her daughters and their sincere gratitude for a rich life filled with amazing ordinary experiences and time spent together creating life long memories.


Discover how this boundless love and gratitude is passed to the next generation and For Infinity and Beyond. 


May it inspire Mom's and children everywhere,

to always remember and never forget

to be grateful for and embrace all life experiences and to say “I Love You” every morning and every night! 



Elsie True lives with only one goal in mind …
… to avenge her father's death.

Branded a traitor among the brotherhood of the Cause, an organization dedicated to the destruction of all magical creatures, her father was unjustly murdered for falling in love with a celestial being, leaving a teenage Elsie to learn the creature-hunting business with the help of her father's old friend.

Her life revolves around besting the Cause and keeping the world safe from any creatures that get out of hand. When her mentor signs her up for another case, she jumps at the opportunity to steer business away from the corrupt organization.

Not long into the investigation, she realizes she might have walked right into a setup, including coming face-to-face with a creature she doesn't know if she should kill or protect.

Elsie feared little in life, but she isn't prepared to face the demons of her past, especially those hell-bent on killing her. Outwitting her enemies means solving the case, but in a world where she has more foes than friends, who can she trust?...


Something in the water plans to wipe out the entire population of Salado, Texas. The nights become darker and the streets become increasingly bizarre with sinister, eerie, presence lurking in the shadows.

But in the dark, desolate caves underneath Stagecoach Inn, Jake, Hunter, Lexi, and Saanvi, also known as the Warhead Hunters, join forces to destroy a group of flesh-eating mutants in an attempt to save mankind.

During their mission, the Warhead Hunters discover they're dealing with a zombie outbreak, but these aren't typical slow, staggering, mindless zombies only seeking the meat of the living-they are far more intelligent and advanced.


Will the team stop the deadly virus in Salado before it spreads to the next town?  Or will they become fodder for the undead? 

Join the Warhead Hunters as they fight for humanity in book one of Tamikio L. Dooley's The Warhead Hunters: The Zombie Apocalypse Decimation Series, “Dawn of the Walkers.”










Book 1
"The Curse Must Be Broken!"
As a result of their parents' lifestyles, children from different walks of life inherit curses that make their adult lives, a living hell. As this touching high energy suspense unfolds--

--A classy young woman, being gifted and full of wisdom, is baffled by her desire to steal and is devastated when she learns that she is a kleptomaniac.

--An intelligent school teacher with strong principles and high morals is overcome by a desire for sex and is recklessly driven by a psychotic addiction to sexual immorality.

--A minister of the Gospel is eventually repelled to leave his church and take the law into his own hands as he regrettably seeks revenge against the mob to save his family.

--A journalist, who dreads being an only child, learns that the adversarial coworker that's trying to destroy her, is her half sister.

--A scarred undercover FBI Agent who abandoned her family, attempts to secure her family's future by killing the enemy of her past.

These spiritual, high-energy dramas, unfolds within families in Atlanta Georgia, as uncontrollable curses rule and seek to destroy them. The question is... “Will The Curse Be Broken”,,,,,,, or passed...
They Call Me Grandpa
Role Model(s)
For a very long time I knew how important being a GREAT GRANDPA was going be. I studied and prepared for it but I never thought about how important being a good ROLE MODEL was going to be. From the first time they hear your voice they hear the voice of a strong, caring, and gentle man, they hear the voice of grandpa. From the very first time they see your face, they may see whiskers, They may glance at your nose for a second. they may even see a wrinkle or two but what they will see for sure is warm and gentle eyes looking down at them with a happy tear or two. They see the face of grandpa. From the first time you hold them, they can feel the strong secure safety of your arms. As you hand them back to Mama for the first time and he feels the skin on skin contact for the first time he knows he felt the hands of grandpa. From the second they are born you are no longer just are grandpa and more importantly, you are their life long ROLE MODEL.
Hey guys, I want to let you know about my newest book available on Amazon. It's about the awesome ministry and calling you have as a Christian!  But, let me ask you this, does your spiritual life seem lethargic and complacent? Deep in your heart, is there an indwelling hunger and thirst for more of all God wants to do in and through you for others? Until you step into your leadership position, you will miss out on the joy and fulfillment which are a result of recognizing and functioning according to your Divine purpose. God has called you to take dominion, to rule and reign in your life, and to be a great example that will influence and inspire those around you. In this book I want to encourage you to step out of the boat of mediocrity and complacency and be the awesome leader the Lord has made you in Christ! Allow that mighty leader within you to be fully displayed. You have been called out of this world by God for a Divine purpose. There are people waiting for you to be the leader you are destined to be! This leadership book has 170 pages and 7 chapters. The chapters are: Everyone is a Leader-Knowing Your Identity in Christ-Knowing the Gifts and Abilities You Have Been Giving-Bringing Your Supply-Having a Vision-Having a Right Attitude-True Normalcy....

Imagine if you went to sleep one night and discovered your whole life had changed when you awoke the next morning. That is what happened to me when I went into surgery expecting one result, but was faced with an entirely different reality – one that had a lasting impact on my life.

COME BACK STRONG is about finding balance in mind, body, and spirit. It's about being empowered to play an active part of your own health care team. It's about managing expectations and choosing your perspective. It's about uncovering and embracing your passion. It's about discovering your purpose. It's about learning to come back strong from a devastating life event, listen to your heart, and create a life you choose.



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