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Hundreds of years ago, wizards committed an unspeakable crime on the southern plains of the Tibugaeden, cursing an entire race of elves while making the ultimate weapon against the immortal Spanner Tenganden. Now, a group of unlikely heroes joins an enigmatic young emissary on a mysterious quest that brings them face to face with the most powerful archmages in the world—and Spanner himself. 



A middle grade fantasy book that both teens and adults will enjoy!

Perfect for kids who love adventure, dragons, and epic battles!

A young boy Salem will learn his fate the day when he meets Medea, his angel dragon. Their lives have been intertwined together since either were born. Together they will be one, both dragon and rider. Salem is a young homeless boy and Medea is the Princess of the northern angel dragons of Delmore. It is Salem's quest to set out with Medea to fight off evil, he will find out what his fate has in store for him as a dragon friend. It's a dangerous life, but someone has to do it. Salem will also discover the truth about Medea being his guardian. About how she had always defended him up until the day when he met her. Ever since that day his life has forever been changed, he will find the strength to become a hero. Their quest will take them to new places and new countries, to fight against the sphinxes, together they will travel the world. Up on dragon wings Salem will feel at peace, because when up on Medea's wings he won't have to think about the chaos that reeks havoc below them. They fight against the sphinxes to prevent them from wiping out the human race in Delmore and to stop their evil scheme. With the help of the other angel dragons they can block the sphinxes from achieving their goal of world domination and save the world. Salem will be the thing that legends are made out of, both himself and Medea. In Delmore dragon friends of antiquity have fought against evil to spite the wicked and to protect the innocent for thousands of years. That is the path of the dragon friend, and a path that Salem will have to follow. To follow the path laid out by his ancestors he will become legend, the last true dragon friend, a hero. Come along with Salem and Medea as they take up the quest of a lifetime to become legends, to be the last dragon friend and dragon.

Come along with Salem and Medea as they discover the truth and their destiny together.

For fans of The Hobbit, How To Train Your Dragon, Eragon, A Wizard of Earthsea, Dragon Rider, and Wings of Fire.

BUY NOW or Read Now For Free with Kindle Unlimited to start the adventures of Salem and Medea in The Dragon Friends Of Delmore Series Today!...

Learn the meaning a advent on the porch of Fort Eli in the neck among the forest animals.  Two children celebrate the coming of Christmas with an advent wreath, lanterns for candles Bible verses and a manager explaining the significance of each as they move forward bringing His light into the world.  Beautiful illustrations by Margarita Sikorskaia help tell this peaceful and reflective story.




Life in the Neck New Friends introduces the reader to Delaney the fawn, Rocket the rabbit, Cardinal Red, and Old Coyote, all native to our Minnesota forests.  These animals form unbreakable connections and learn about friendship, cooperation, and the busy world around them.  When danger comes to the Neck, will their bond be torn enough to beat it?



Diane Davies welcomes you to a new adventure in the Neck, a beautiful place where animals and humans live together in harmony – most of the time.  Book 2 Life in the Neck Squirrel Trouble introduces a young boy named Eli who builds a log fort in the woods of the Neck with his dad.   It's not long before mischievous squirrels Chatter, Whistle, and Squeak move into the fort and take over.  As the nuts, acorns, and pinecones pile up inside, Eli realizes he's going to have to get creative to get them out.  Will his plan work, or will the squirrels win? 



The immortal Spanner Tenganden, the man colonists call the Architect, foments a revolution that would free the Elbestran colonies. During the war, Spanner discovers that powerful wizards have quietly conspired against him for centuries. Driven by a prophecy that predicted catastrophe at his hands should his life ever find meaning, wizards have worked tirelessly to keep Spanner's life in obscurity.

Now Spanner's quest is more than achieving his nation's dream of liberty; it becomes a journey to destroy his real enemies - wizards! Venture into the first installment in the Tales of Spanner series: an epic, high-stakes, sword and sorcery tale of action, intrigue, romance, and betrayal!



Thirteen-year-old Lynne watched her parents wrestle with the fact that their newborn baby Bruce, her new brother, had been born with Down syndrome. Over the years, Lynne struggled to ensure that Bruce would be included as part of the family and vowed to protect him from a young age, while also making sure that her nine-year-old brother, David, was not also left behind amidst the chaos. As time passed and Lynne went off to college, she learned that her baby brother was still not safe from being given away.


This is the story of Bruce, and the love he inspired in Lynne to fight for the unity of her family. Lynne, David, and Bruce maneuvered the trials of life together, thus cementing their unwavering commitment to each other as siblings. By turns funny and heartbreaking, Listen to Me is a story about being brave, finding your voice, and becoming not who you thought you were, but who you were meant to be all along. [SW1] 




Professor Steele has been working on a perfect plan to produce the ideal heist of all times. However, he still lacks a fundamental ingredient. The people to make it possible. He starts by recruiting one of the best art-conoceour of our time, FA-King. Together, they start organizing, thinking, and planning how to turn this idea into reality. Suddenly, from nowhere and without any scientific explanation, SuperPower individuals become part of society. Ordinary individuals find out from one day to another that they have acquired the SuperPower to fly or become invisible. Civilization as we know it changes. Some turn to them, believing they are some type of gods, while others accuse them of coming directly from hell to turn all life, as we know it, into their playground. No one really understands anything, neither the SuperPower people nor anyone else. However, someone is smiling in the background. A mighty man, knowing he could turn the most angelical souls into demons if he wanted to. Is Professor Steele thinking about using the SuperPower people to work on his lifetime plan? Are they going to accept it? Can they be bought by the idea of becoming rich? Learn the answer on "The Ability to Fly or to Become Invisible: The Deal of the Art - Book 1" as you learn about art and accompany our heroes in their endeavors. 
Available in Soft Cover and eBook (Kindle and Nook)


Hello readers. I've just published my debut novel; The Death and Resurrection of Baseball. It is a delightful feel good story getting great early reviews. I would be humbled for your support and review. It is a story more than just about baseball, it is a story about us as a nation.


In the year 2166, a post Second Civil War America is finally back on its feet. Among the countless personal and cultural casualties of the war, the sport of baseball has been dead for over a hundred years. 12-year-old Joe Scott lives in the northern Illinois city of McHenry and goes exploring in the woods one day in a no man's land that a hundred years earlier was the site of the bloodiest battle of the war. While there, he discovers a relic from the distant past, from before the war. It sparks a search for its meaning. Little does he know that the wheels of Providence have been unwittingly set in motion which leads to a stunning discovery in Dyersville, Iowa.

This second discovery has a direct connection with the relic found in McHenry. As events unfold, Joe finds himself at the center of the rediscovery of a sport long lost and forgotten by the ravages of time and war.



Train of Thoughts by Veronica Thornton is a compilation of original poetry, essays, and short stories. The essays and poetry read in a stream of consciousness format, the former really having a conversational feel and the latter employing the use of syllabic beats and rhyme schemes to punctuate otherwise freeform poems into true cohesiveness. ...


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I pull myself out of their indifference 

God is laughing at their missing conscience... 

They’ll pray and speak their good intentions 

They’ll eat your soul with their knife and vengeance 

And we need a miracle to get out of this war 

His conscience gone and they called him soldier 

He pushed them out beyond their borders 

He gave his love for lustful murder 

He won their lives saved his confessions 

And we need a miracle to get out of this one 

He spoke to devils in tall buildings 

They praised him high for all his winnings

Their lives had drained into his laughter 

His graves are foolish for his collection 

There is no miracle to get out of this one 

On their graves lies their discretion 

Their souls are chained and lost direction 

He collects their bones with good intention 

And he lives on without detection 

And he trusts a miracle will get him out of this one 

He'll dig your grave if it makes a difference.... 

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