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The American public education system is, undoubtedly, a machine. Many would argue its efficiency, but it is a machine nonetheless. Educators and School leaders are the cogs that keep it afloat. Often, this comes at a great deal of expense to those who are on the front lines, serving in our school buildings on a daily basis. What is the nature of this understanding for black educators, considering the historical context of racial inequities in our society? What does this mean for black students? Furthermore, what are the implications for a black male educator who is a product of the public school system himself?Cedric Scott, Jr. is an educator who has served in the District of Columbia Public Schools as a teacher, instructional coach, and Assistant Principal in the elementary education sector. Being a product of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, the author offers his account of matriculation through school as a student and progression as a professional educator, all while navigating life's challenges and what it means to be a young, black male in America. “Grade 3 to AP: Memoirs of a Black Male Educator,” presents a narrative composed of self-realization, opportune circumstance, and deep reflection....


Imagine an athlete so incredible that he dominates two sports – football and baseball – shattering records and lifting his team to championships every year. Doug Maxwell is a new kind of reluctant hero. A boy from a fractured home, he now has to overcome crushing criticism from the media, opposing players and the public. Deep down, Doug is a kind, giving man, who struggles with his own inner demons and human foibles. But he is not a cheat. Yet, Doug does have an incredible, supernatural secret. Having been bestowed amazing strength by an event in his childhood, Doug can now work towards fulfilling his greatest wish: to make his father proud. But as his abilities grow, so do his detractors. After reporter Sue Ohuna notices that something is not quite human about Doug, she risks her career trying to uncover his secret. As stakes get higher, Doug soon needs to make life-changing decisions. But can he fulfill his true destiny?...


Original and unique stories from every state in the USA introduced by a person of some celebrity and illustrated with a scene from the each story.  It is a terrific book as noted by those ghosts mentioned in the book! And you know ghosts don't lie....


Gunfighters, Thieves and Lawmen

Sully Wheeler doesn't care why his cattle are disappearing. He doesn't care why but it has to stop. Perhaps it's the cost of hiding from his past, but who would steal from a one-time gunfighter?

The NW Mounted Policeman that Sully contacted appeared more intent on stopping vigilante action than in stopping theft. If that proves to be the case, Sully will recover his own property, even if it takes gunfire to do it.

Who is this Mountie, anyway? Is he a cop or something else entirely? Is he working to support the crown, leave the crown or actually do something for the settlers?

And while we're talking about that Mountie, isn't he spending too much time with that newspaper lady?

Leaving the Crown / The Cost of Hiding / ambush / Thieves / retribution / NWMP / Stealing Cattle



We've all been there at one time or another: the sort of dark places we don't want to think about, the sort of dark places we don't want to remember. Except we do.

The people who shared their sort of dark places for this book saw it was a way of excising them from their lives. They told me they know they were in these sort of dark places, but now they don't have to think about or remember them. For their sakes, I hope they're right.


Fierce warrior, Dhampir and Pureblood royalty, Dominic Rinaldi had everything but the one thing he desired - someone to awaken his heart. For centuries, he conquered Rogues, Purebloods, and other preternatural creatures. There was always another battle to be won.

After another long hunt, he decided it was time settle down, only to be betrayed in the cruelest way by his Pureblood girlfriend.

Heartbroken, Dominic gave up on finding love until he rescued a beautiful human from a vampire he thought long dead.

Chantelle Mallory was the woman he'd been looking for. The connection between them was immediate and sizzled with heat but would she be able to accept what he was? There were things in life even love couldn't overcome.

As Dominic struggled with his feelings for Chantelle, a new threat emerged that would shift the balance of power within the entire vampire species forever.



Zack Daniels grew up in a rundown apartment complex off the Las Vegas Strip. At an early age, he learned to protect and support his mother and sister with determination and grit. After his sister is raped by the son of a local Russian mobster and commits suicide, he joins the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to seek justice for her and to protect the public.

When a high-profile executive is murdered in his best friend's hotel, Zack is assigned to track down the killer. The sole witness to the murder is a beautiful high-priced escort. He must let go of his vendetta against his sister's rapist to work the case.

Sonnet Banks goes to the wrong hotel room and witnesses a murder. She is stunned. She knows the killer. He's someone from her past. Someone she hoped to never see again.

During her police interview, Sonnet tells Zack she doesn't recognize the killer, but Zack is convinced she's lying. Zack needs the lovely, evasive woman to tell him what she knows and is willing to use seduction to get it. Yet, was it still seduction when all he could do was think about her?

Zack Daniels is so hot he makes Sonnet's knees weak. He checks every box for her. Every box. But even if he wasn't her protector, she can't risk getting close to him or anyone. And she can't tell him the truth.

After a bold attempt on Sonnet's life, Zack enlists the help of two close friends and someone completely unexpected to protect her. The countdown to an all-out war looms before them. Would they all survive? Time was running out....


Lily Sommers reluctantly returns to Sterling Wood to attend her Uncle Jimmy's funeral - a town she left years ago.

Sterling Wood holds painful memories she's tried to forget. One, in particular, is still raw and every time she returns pulls the scab off a wound that will not heal - Luc Pearson, the handsome high school sweetheart who betrayed her.

Seeing Luc again isn't the only problem she has to face in Sterling Wood. Someone is trying to kill her, and she doesn't know why.

She soon learns shocking revelations that could change the course of her life as a ruthless killer stalks her. Will the people closest to her be able to save her?...


When Evelyn Dalton, aged thirty-six, discovers she is expecting her fourth child, she hopes, at last it will be a baby girl. Her elation plummets to anguish when husband Eddie reveals his involvement in a relationship with another woman, fifteen years younger. From this pivotal moment onwards in 1962, Evelyn's life spirals out of control. Her fate is sealed by cataclysmic consequences. When Eddie abandons the family for his mistress, he plunges Evelyn into a catastrophic and chaotic life of despair, destitution and homelessness.

With deteriorating health, Evelyn's tortured existence plummets to one of survival, engulfed by anguish and misery. With three boys and a new baby to bring up alone, her life is in turmoil. Social Services raise concerns about her ability to care for her family, implying their imminent involvement. Poverty-stricken, she struggles to cope, and vows that Social Services will never wrench her boys from her. Their destiny will not be in a children' home of dubious repute.

Amidst excruciating pains, the hospital admits her for emergency surgery but falls into an unexpected coma. Evelyn's four sons become motherless by cruel fate and fatherless by his own selfish volition. Homeless, with no-one to care for the youngest two boys, the tragedy deepens.

Homeless, motherless, fatherless, destitute and unloved, Evelyn's four young boys lost everything. Through a cruel twist of fate, they became ‘Orphans of an Angel.'




In the midst of all the chaos in the earth, God is raising up men and women of God to fulfill his divine purpose in the earth before he returns. The question is, “Are you fulfilling the divine purpose that God has ordained for your life?” 

When we look at creation and all that is in the earth and the heavens, we see the hand of God. (Psalm 97:6)  The Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Gen 1:1)  God in his great wisdom has created everything in the earth with a purpose and a system to maintain and sustain it. For example, God created your body with a digestive, muscular, nervous, reproductive and skeletal system.

All of these things were created with a purpose to sustain your life by our heavenly Father. Likewise as it relates to God's divine purpose for our lives, God has a purpose system that he utilizes and manifests in our lives when he calls you for service in the Kingdom of God. I refer to it as God's Divine Purpose System.

When I think about God's Divine purpose system, I am reminded of the Global Positioning System known as GPS. What is GPS? It is a satellite-based radio navigation system that uses GPS receivers to calculate the exact position, speed, distance and time for navigation devices on mobile phones, in vehicles, ships, airplanes, and government weapon systems to accurately pinpoint locations, destinations, directions and the places we need to go.

Likewise God uses his divine purpose system to get us to the destination that he has predestined, purposed, planned, promised and prophesied for our lives, using divine heavenly coordinates which are precise, detailed and exact. God is the transmitter of purpose, and we are the receiver of purpose in the earth to do his will.

 In this book, Pastor Quinn shares from his life experiences, twenty one years of military service in radio communications, nine years in information systems, and many years of ministry, how God orders your steps, and uses everything that you have been through, to manifest his divine purpose in your life.



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Latest Poem


By D.M. McGowan 2018


They taught us many things in school and some of us where fine

At following the words and rules along a designated line

A few were branded trouble when they left the proven trail

And popped the system bubble when they just refused to fail


“If you do exactly what we say you’re sure to get an “A”

Though you may not learn very much to help you through the day

But you’ll get the all important grade and be every politician’s dupe

For if you follow where you’re lead you’ll think they speak the truth”


What many didn’t see both students and the staff

It isn’t learning simple facts but how to love and laugh

Edison, Curie, Gates and Einstein they all had imagination

They didn’t follow another’s path or stay locked within their station.


Sure there is knowledge we all need in writing, science and math

Some we need more than others depending on our chosen path

And if you intend to just get along to do only as you’re told

What need for any new idea? What need to be so bold?


But if you intend to make a mark to be a Gates, or Jobs or Woz

You’ll need some imagination to be anywhere near the top

How do you exercise imagination, build its strength and survival?

Understand poetry, fiction and music to rise above any rival.



“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” Marie Curie.


“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”  Jane Austen


“Study the past and you’ll know your mistakes aren’t unique.” Dave McGowan


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