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Abigail Adams is hiding after her abusive, now-ex-husband escapes from prison. She's hunkered down in the small coastal town of Grouper Cove in Florida's panhandle. It's the perfect place for anyone running away; secluded and off the radar. Deciding to take up kayaking, the rental agent gives her one piece of advice - stay off the island that looms on the horizon.

Spencer Hightower lives the life of a hermit after buying his own private island. Emotionally poisoned by humanity, the only social interaction he needs is with his dog, Miracle.

When a sudden storm tosses Abby on the island's beach and cracks her kayak, she has visions of cannibals and resurrected dinosaurs. Instead she is found by a dog who leads her to a man whose only redeeming quality is his sweet spot for banana splits and sunsets…...


The agony of unrequited love, dates, dresses and exams all make life confusing during the teen years... Are there answers to be found in the social conventions of the previous generation, the developments of modern psychology taught in class, the theology touted at worship or in the depths of soul searching and personal experience?

  • Series: The Silver Spring University Series (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-0648116011
You never read it! New book "The Edge of Epoch: the Fatal Choice of Humanity".
This book is real dead water, without the acceptance of which the miracle of revival will not happen. Dear friends, If you want to understand what is happening in the world in almost all important areas of life, then this book is for you! This is the quintessence of sacred knowledge! I will be glad to your reviews on Amazon !!! English and German version in the Kindle format on Amazon:
Five young misfits, ages 14 to 23, stuck in a small town with nothing positive in sight take to the tracks and head to a new home. Striped is the one responsible for the trip, and is the guide and mediator of every situation…mostly unruly incidents.

The personalities of Seth, Shane, and Vince have all different quirks which have to be monitored. Troy being the youngest at 14 needs extra protection and motivation. Then there's the outside world…

They trek on, staring from the societal exo-skeleton, and go inside to champion the giants in a cold world. Friends and comradries are made, as generosity and sympathetic peoples offer relief, work, and shelter.

Conflicts are also met in many high crime areas. Also by small town law enforcement, and other shady types on the outskirts of society. After a death due to a mishap during a fight Vince encountered on his way back from seeing a friend off, the course changes into a journey they were not prepared for.

Later on, they are stuck fending for themselves in environments they are foreign to. They adapt, they survive, but the entrance home comes with a cost…and the doorkeepers are many.

Is happily ever after too good to obtain?...


Samuel McInnes aka Mack, severely wounded in the attack on Auckland in 1863, recovered consciousness on HMS Esk heading to Scotland via Sydney, Australia.


Sam is mistakenly repatriated to Scotland as the army believe this is where he is from. With the loss of memory, his life becomes complicated, as he falls for a young nurse on the voyage who has a secret that she will not reveal to him until he is fully recovered.


Out of place, out of sync, he finds himself in an alien world. Memories from another time come and go as he tries to adjust to his new life. He struggles to remember who he is and how he come to be here, while always hoping his memory will return.


Will he get home to his own century?


The second book in the Whispers trilogy.



The story is based on real experiences and true encounters with Bigfoot....


As a veteran of the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia, Talmon Bonnett usually holds his PTSD at bay. When a wealthy couple hires him to spy on Rusty Wing, the man responsible for building the Mourning Island's new resort, Talmon injects himself into Rusty's inner circle. Lying about his intentions, Talmon gets to know Rusty's troubled fiancée Claire, his sinister Cuban first mate Santos, and Marlene, Rusty's alluring sister.

Talmon and Marlene begin a torrid affair; then someone is murdered, and Talmon learns that two Cuban mobster brothers are the money behind the resort. Talmon forces the couple to divulge the real reason they hired him. Everything is connected to the murder, Rusty's circle, the mobster brothers, and Claire's vanished father, who might know something vital.

Talmon's lie threatens the life he envisions with Marlene. Violence erupts because of a dispute between the brothers, with Rusty's circle as targets caught in the middle. Talmon desperately seeks Claire's father, while the two brothers maintain their collision course.

The Mourning Islands is an electrifying story that fuses mystery, passion, and tragedy against the serene beauty of Florida's coast.




The Trail in the Woods is a Science Fiction thriller that will captivate you and carry you from the opening chapter to the unexpected ending.  Along the way, you will encounter an electrified greenish-yellow fog and then you will meet humans with gills.  You will meet the Tribulator, a creature that runs the Valley of the Gods and thinks he is God.  The valley is an environmentally perfect place that the Tribulator established.  Two people, Bob and Janet, get captured and taken to the valley.  They are locked up in the valley and coerced into helping promote the Tribulator's brand of religion.

The Trail in the Woods is a frightening book that leads us to a possible future world waiting for all of us.  The fate of the world hinges on whether Bob and Janet can escape from the valley and the powerful Tribulator.



What if your blog could save the nation, but posting to it might cost your life?

Two extraordinary people born for a time such as this.

As catastrophes drive the US into martial law, all eyes are on America, waiting to see what emerges. KC Banning, network specialist, discovers President Hannan's tyrannical plans and is branded a terrorist, sending her fleeing the Beltway to find her childhood soulmate and protector, Brock Daniels. Brock, a writer and man of faith, gives CPR to a dying nation through his blog, which is read by military members still loyal to the Constitution. But starting a grassroots insurgency while reconciling KC's and Brock's broken relationship proves difficult. When Hannan sends Special Forces to kill Brock and KC, starting a war in the Central Oregon desert, reconciliation, like staying alive, might be impossible.

Set in Washington DC and near Crooked River Ranch in the Central Oregon desert, Voice in the Wilderness, Book 1 of the Against All Enemies Series, is a political thriller, with romance, about two people who must decide if they're willing to sacrifice their lives to prevent the USA from becoming the Dystopian States of America.



Heroes by Design is the story of three friends embarking on their teen years. Sela's overzealous personality is tempered by her tomboy friend, Emily and their buddy Zach.

 After Emily's mother dies, she pushes everything and everyone away. Especially GOD. Sela is desperate to help her find her way through the darkness. She petitions her Guardian Angel. The Way twins find themselves suddenly thrown into the lives of eighth grade students. They are required to report to Sela and Emily's guardians who remain in the shadows...almost. Sela begins to see little signs of her guardian's presence. With the help of the Angels, the friends work their way through, death, prejudice, bullying, and social cliques. They learn to find Heroes in everyday people.






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Latest Poem

Echoes from childhood memories,

warn of dangerous nights,

down to my land of no lights.

Carrying throughout my years,

with only faded reasons why.

Following deep into my middle season,

versions I once had to silence forgotten fears.

Creating a new value,

I'm to learn somewhere here.

Finding value in discovering how to fully embrace,

Where a reliable, unforgettable love would shine through

Recovering from those hateful thoughts,

Always being found, just beneath an unnerving reality,

Those lifecycles playing out in those unheard cries,

A girls dreams to escape the evil moments over and over,

her reality hits, knowing to never hold such peace.

Her heartbroken, forgotten, young life, forever to reside within...


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