A little closer to a decade, Homosexuality (gay and lesbianism) has become a very debatable issue among nations, religions, organisational bodies, families, tribes and many others. This is a very social phenomenon which needs to be addressed with careful and logical reasoning in order not to offend anyone, whichever stand the discussion takes.

One cannot just get up to condemn a social issue without thorough analysis. A person must analyse issues psychologically, physically, spiritually, religiously, emotionally, as well as culturally and ethnically. 

There are some secrets behind the legalisation of gay and lesbian marriage by some world leaders, organisations, some churches or individual pastors, and other religious bodies. The advocators often refer from the Bible ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’ – in other words ‘do not judge your fellow friend’. This is very interesting quote from the Bible that needs deep thoughts.

Human rights and freedom of speech and expressions are also used in defence of homosexuality. Are all things right to do or not?

Can immoralities be considered the rights of those in it?

Should the judiciary system be abolish or allow to exists?

What are the essences of cultural, moral, social, and religious values in a society? 

This book outlines the key secrets behind the advocacy and legalisation (or acceptance) of gay and lesbian marriage and other social needs which may be considered social problems.

We are called to, as Paul put it, "Speak the TRUTH in LOVE." 

    We can fault on either side of this:  speak the truth without love, and so come across judgmental about PEOPLE - condemning them with their sins.  Or, we can come across compromising truth, by emphasizing only love for PERSONS to a point of seeming to condone their sins. 


    Jesus was Master of that balance:  the woman caught in adultery - "Neither do I condemn you....but go and sin no more."

    Therefore, seeing the proper balance of speaking the truth while also loving the person we're speaking the truth to, we should avoid "blanket" statements that lean heavily either on TRUTH or the LOVE alone.  However, as it often happens in discussing these things, we are sometimes focused on the TRUTH part, or other times on the LOVE part - as you can readily see in the posts so far.

    Let's be careful that we don't over-react, too, because maybe I tend to focus on the LOVE part (at least, today, in the moment) while someone is focused on the TRUTH aspect.  It certainly doesn't hurt to remind ourselves in discussions that both aspects are important and to understand how, on any given topic of sin, we can keep that balance.

    There's no doubt as to homosexuality's sinfulness and repugnance to God, even as murder is, or adultery, the proliferation of pornography in our country and homes (very young people exposed to it) - which also exposes our kids early on to homosexual acts, etc. and etc.  Yes, we are not to hesitate to let those we pastor or minister to that it is wrong in God's site - and it REALLY helps to be able to explain why (because satan's tactic is always to normalize sin, minimize or excuse the natural ill consequences - because something IS sinful because it is damaging to us) - yet with those in the world, as with any other sin, we have to be wise like Jesus was, in HOW we approach sinners, we put them off by our judgmental attitude of scorn and won't have any opportunity to share the Gospel or how the Lord loves them and wants to deliver them from these sins that are destroying their lives.

    One of THE best sources for understanding the approach that can work best with "gays", would be from the testimonies of gay people themselves who have come to Christ - and how folks witnessed to them in ways that actually made them open up to listening to the Gospel.  I've been slowly going through such a testimony by a former-lesbian university professor, who came to Christ and turned away from this sinful lifestyle.  It's called, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert - by Rosario Butterfield.  While I'm not thru with it (as I keep going away from it to read other things, then come back on occasion), she comes to faith in Christ (and repentance from lesbianism) thru a Christian neighbor, a pastor, who, he and his wife, lovingly accept her as a person (rather than treating her as a leper) and in time, share the Gospel and get into calm, level-headed discussions about homosexuality and the Bible and the WHY of it not being God's best or intention for our life and happiness - and how, instead, it harms us.  Point is, in this careful approach to speak the truth in love, the Lord was able to bring conviction to this gay activist's heart and draw her to Himself.

    Yet I realize, too, the Holy Spirit will lead differently in different situations with different people - yet, we must be careful to be sure we are indeed being led of the Spirit in how we approach and communicate with "sinners" - for myself, I do not want anything of me, my manner, my tone, my facial expressions, or my words, to offend (rather than the offense of the Gospel) and block any opportunity to share the truth and for that person to perceive the love of Christ in me, through me, for themselves.

"The World Leaders and Homosexuality Legalisation, the Secret Behind -- Volume One” outlines the key secrets behind the advocacy and legalization of gay and lesbian marriage and other social needs which may be considered social problems.




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In my room long ago
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