The Voice of Thunder


Fiery-haired, witch-eyed Zaara Theroux has all but resigned herself to the dull life of an Asterian princess when her engagement is suddenly interrupted by the elusive Jay Sattler, who has an irresistible proposition for her: he'll show her the world – the good, the bad, the beautiful – and free her from her royal captivity, if she promises to open her mind. 

Suddenly, Zaara's quiet, boring life is shattered and she is thrown into a world where not everything is as it seems: where dragons soar and breathe fire; where people like her are gifted with affinities for water, fire, earth, or air; where a rebellion is rising, seeking a justice that involves destroying her perfect world and everything she has been raised with…including the love of her life. As Zaara joins the rebellion, she learns more than she had intended about the strange and tangled history of the world she lives in and the role she herself has to play, as keeper of the rare fifth element, in preserving that balance between order and chaos in the mythical land of Asteira.

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About the Author

Author Name : Raina Kadavil

     Raina Kadavil is a senior at White Plains High School in White Plains, New York. She is President of the organization Global Ambassadors Interact, and co-founded a partner news series, React News. She is President of the White Plains Mayor's Youth Council, and White Plains High School Human Rights Club, and interns with Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and UNA-USA. She has recently been the recipient of multiple service awards including ADO's “Youth in Philanthropy” Award and the “Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy” Award, and the “Touch the Sky” writing award. She has a passion for advocacy, activism, and making a difference through words. She also loves to dance, particularly Bollywood, and spends her free time reading whatever she can get her hands on. Raina is excited to be fulfilling her very first lifelong dream of publishing “The Voice of Thunder” in 2015. She hopes to continue her writing career while double-majoring in International Relations and Political Science, and someday pursue a career in the United Nations. For more information, see and

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  A gentle breeze blows in the warm summer air, 
     pebbles and sand beneath my feet.
          An ocean mist sprays my face
            as I uncover my nakedness.
         A gentle breeze against my skin.
           If only Love could find me
         the way the sea wants to take me in.
           Salty water rushes to shore, 
         knocking my skinny body down
                to the soft sand below.

    Cool water rushes round my tender skin.
  One naked soul hidden only by the foam 
        of the waves under a dim moonlit night.

   A cool rush frees my soul as I run back to shore,
     refreshed by nature in the warm summer air.
          Standing naked among pebbles and sand.
                 If only Love could find me 
                 standing here at the shore.

            S.M. Jordan 2004


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