The Art of Why


The Art of WHY is a book about finding your purpose in both life and business then mastering it.


Be honest with yourself… WHY are you in the business you are in? Are you in this for the cash? The power? The fame? To help others? All of these? None of these? This book will help you learn how to answer the right questions first, then keep your WHY as the motivation in every phase of building your business. When worked thoroughly, the 10 steps from The Art of WHY will transform the way you prioritize and master your WHY.

About the Author

Author Name : Frankie Russo

     Frankie Russo, owner of Potenza's family of companies, 2 time INC 5000 award winner, and new author of “The Art of WHY”, shares insight from years of experience, soul searching, and interviewing people who have mastered their life's mission. "They say the darkest hour is before dawn. I believe the darkest time is before you find out WHY you are here. It took a cold, hard slap of reality for me to finally realize I needed a better way of life. I had to admit, I wasn't where I wanted to be. I found myself asking, WHY am I here? In other words, what is my true purpose for living? This book is my story of how I answered that question and how you can, too."

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