Jada: It's Deeper Than Love


SUMMARY-Being constantly put down by a mother that never cared, and then losing her father while she was in college, Jada Brookes still managed to make something out of her life. Jada has a booming interior design company call STYLED INC. in Atlanta that's bringing in big money. The only thing that seems to be missing is a family that she has always longed for. Her only problem is that she is looking for that family she is missing in the wrong places. Having people trying to get in the way of her happy ending isn't helping her either. 

Kamina a.k.a. Kam is Jada's best friend. She has been Aaron's unofficial girl for almost five years. She is growing tired of his ways and all the women that come along with him. Holding a life changing secret from everyone around her, Kam tries to figure out what she is going to do with her life. Just as things are looking down for Kam she meets a man that will change her life. Take this ride with Kam and Jada as they try to balance out the lows with the highs in life as they both search for the love they desire.

About the Author

Author Name : Thai

     Hello everyone my name is Thai this is my first book and I'm twenty years old. I hope you guys enjoy


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Where are your bones, I wonder?

Your dust, your last breath?

I see you queued with your mates

In your final military assembly:

            Bates next to Beasley

            Gillum next to Green

            And so on.

It is a moment captured forever in brass letters,

The year scuffed and barely legible.

How does a hero sleep?  Do you dream of past valor?

Or soft shoulders and tender kisses lost forever?

This once hallowed ground is swathed in weeds,

Cannons and missiles rusted and impotent,

The fence sagging with age.

People pass by, but nobody sees.

Even the names have become ghosts.

John W. Bebout  2018

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