Medicare Wars - Pamphlet 1 Learn, Fight, Win


This is war! 

Present and future Medicare beneficiaries face a hostile and regressive Congress hell bent on changing the current program to further financially benefit private insurance companies, large multi-national pharmaceutical firms, and hospital corporations. Scrapping the present Medicare program and placing it in the hands of “big business” is simply put—wrong. 

How do we fight this war? 

The way to win this war is to educate the uneducated and the undereducated about Medicare. Sometimes the truth hurts. You're going to hear a lot of it in this pamphlet, and those to follow. For one example, health care is an “industry”, and to grow, industries require profits. How does feel to be a small cog in a large industry?

We created this pamphlet, first in a series, to electrify our readers. We want you up and out of your seat! We want you up and out of your seat doing something…anything to help preserve and expand Medicare. We want you to be as informed and knowledgeable (if not more so!) than any member of Congress.

In plain English, this pamphlet offers:

  • A beginning chat about how Medicare can work for all Americans
  • Actionable information on enrolling in Medicare which is like trying to get the letters out of alphabet soup and then making sense of them
  • Some practical stuff like enrolling and who runs Medicare and enrollment penalties and…
  • Background on the clash between the philosophies of Republicans and Democrats about health care

      All this is brought to you by a professional who spent years in the Medicare and Medicaid HMO Industry and her writing partner, a complete novice who's confused just like you. 

      Join us! Learn, Fight and Win. 
    Six pamphlets are planned for the series.

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    About the Author

    Author Name : Peggy Bechko & Charlene Brash Sorensen

          About the Author: Peggy Bechko (writing also as P.A. Bechko) has been published by Doubleday, Harlequin, Pinnacle, Five Star, Books on Tape and The Fiction Works. The Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting took her screenplay, Replica, to the Quarter Finals and the same script was in the semi-finals of the America's Best screenwriting competition. Peggy's latest endeavor, with writer/creative partner Charlene Brash Sorensen, is a comic series for all lovers of the art, Planet Of The Eggs. The Series is enjoying 5-star reviews on Amazon (and is available in Kindle and paperback editions. More Planet Of The Eggs tales are in the works as is a new supernatural romance novel, and a non-fiction series of pamphlets – Medicare Wars. Peggy lives in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains with her husband, Steve Chappell, three rescue dogs and a rescue parakeet. Connect with her at About the Author: Charlene Brash Sorensen I have relocated across country since my last employment “gig” in 2012. I took up a children's book writing project with my one of my best friends. I got an Irish setter puppy that has become a big dog. I bought a house after renting for 8 years. My husband retired and then returned to work full-time. I was asked to join a book club. I paid for a gym membership that I actually use. In March 2017 I turn 65 years old and will be eligible for Medicare. Twenty-six years in management and executive positions in the Medicare and Medicaid health insurance industry is a LONG time. It takes a toll personally and physically. It takes a few years to totally drop the stress and move on. In my particular case shedding my career persona—Director of Strategic Planning, Director of Operations, Associate Executive Director, Vice President of Network Development, Vice President of Operations, Chief Compliance Officer, and Senior Consultant—has taken 4 years. I NEVER imagined being compelled by a sense of justice, compassion for others, and outrage to pick up once more the mantle of “Medicare expert”. But on November 9, 2016, my past work caught up with me 1,455 miles from where I left it on the Olympic Peninsula outside Seattle, Washington. The following morning the regressive Republican Party openly declared war on Medicare—our Medicare.


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