Curse of the Black Books


Alissa is a twelve-year old orphan who becomes a Librarian Apprentice for the constantly moving Library of Secret. She soon learns that its one of Seven Magical Libraries by the current Librarian, Henry Kennings.

A year soon goes by and Alissa is celebrating her thirteenth birthday, when the Library of Secret detects a shift in the space/time continuum, caused by the Library of Sorrow in their continuing pursuit for the legendary 'Black Books' and the dark magic which lies within.

Alissa then sets out with her new friends to find the 'Black Books' before the Library of Sorrow, because if she doesn't then the course of history will change forever.

Potter fans you have a new hero.

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About the Author

Author Name : Mark Bandey

     I was born in 1963, London and moved to Norfolk with my parents in 1975. In 1988 I finished a four-year course in Art and Design at Great Yarmouth Art College, then worked as a graphic designer for various publishers. In 2001 I moved to Aberdeen and spent time as a bookseller within Ottakars bookshop before a change of career to the oil industry. Reading as always been a first passion of mine and I enjoy reading and writing general fantasy with a splash of horror for young and old adults alike. I'm still in the North-East of Scotland, married to Carolyn


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Told God man In Genesis One

Him He created in form of His

Not when asked as how He did

Thought He fit in Genesis Two

To tell He used the dust for that

But to change tack after that,

So in time Muhammad told

Made Jibrail recite him

In the name of One who makes

Man on earth from clot of blood,

Failed as he then to enquire

Wherefrom He gets all that blood

And since God hath sealed His mouth

Knows not man the true roots of his.


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