The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope and Everything In-Between


My book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope and Everything In-Between, is a story of marriage, abuse, mental illness and my husband's suicide. Through all of that, God's goodness and faithfulness remained. I speak frankly about what it is to live with someone with a severe mental illness as well as the abuse that came with that situation. I want you to know what love is and what it is not. I want you to know that God is still good and He is always there no matter what someone else chooses to do. 

I want you to know love has already won and you don't have to be silent in the face of suffering. 

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About the Author

Author Name : Elizabeth Billingsley

     Hello! My name is Elizabeth Billingsley. I am an RN by day and a writer by night. I have lived in the Oklahoma City area for quite some time. I enjoy good movies, travel, the arts, reading, time with friends and family and of course writing. I also love tattoos. I have a kitten named Inky P who thinks she is a human. My other interests include anti-human trafficking work and education and missionary work in Uganda/Sudan.


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The most sensitive, yet, most supportive,
The most foolish, yet, inseparable;
Makes you know your feelings and motive,
Never lets you lose the confidence of being viable.

That is our heart. Being the central part of our blood
circulation system with arteries and veins coming in and out from the system, it is having an invaluable and infallible integral role in the literary and spiritual phases of one’s life.
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