Quetico: An Artist's Experience: Book 2


Join award winning artist and author Jean M. Judd as she shares her second journey into Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. She shares some of her thoughts, daily experiences, inspirations, and breathtaking images from the twelve days in the northwestern interior of Quetico.

Discover what it means to be an artist, how family crisis can affect the creative process, and why these remote trips are vital to maintaining creativity.

About the Author

Author Name : Jean M. Judd

     Jean M. Judd was born in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) and has lived since 1991 in rural Wisconsin. She is an award-winning textile artist creating one-of-a-kind textile artworks for private art collectors and fine art exhibitions using commercial and hand dyed textiles. She uses rust pigmentation and intricate hand stitching to add visual and physical texture to all of her artworks. She exhibits in fine art exhibitions across the United States and has artwork in private collections in the USA, Canada, South America, and Europe. She also is an author of books about her creative process and experiences in Europe, Quetico Provincial Park in Canada and other locations. Personal projects include sharing her life personal life experiences.


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Latest Poem


Things that make you

Stop and smile

Focus and pause

A little while

What captures your eye

And makes you look

What grabs your soul

And sets the hook

Passions we have

We can’t ignore

To what we’re driven

We must explore

Chef in the kitchen

Begins to cook

Feels like the bishop

That got the rook

A builder steps back

Admires the house

Proud as a cat

That caught the mouse

The musician plays

And performs the song

To which the crowds

Sing along

We all have gifts

It’s only fair

They benefit others

And we must share

Some are inherent

Others unique

Most take work

To hone technique

We live our lives

The way we must

It’s vital our compass

Collects no dust

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