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Join Jim and crew of space travellers on a turbulent journey into the supernatural. What starts as a holiday deteriorates into planetary violence leading to extinction. Can Jim with his psychic powers bring back order to this once peaceful culture? Could an ancient sacred book of theology have the answers? The religious rulers against warnings to close the site down open it to the unwitting populace. The release of a strange psychic power starts to consume reality.

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About the Author

Author Name : Robin G Howard

     Author Robin G has been an entertainment manager, entertainer/vocalist, Theatrical producer and writer of several pantomimes including a UV version of Pinocchio that toured 20 theatres in the UK. He writes both fiction and non-fiction that includes the Jim Long Space Agent series of stand-alone science fiction fantasy stories in seven books revealing the distant future where sections of humankind and aliens have matured spiritually. The non-fiction ebook - Magical theory of life - discusses our experience, history and its aftermath in non-religious spiritual terms. The Psychic Thinker – Taking a look at ourselves.


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Latest Poem

I was alone

when I went searching

   for your face

in all the crowded bars

where love hides out

under an assumed name.


There were many other faces

decorated with whiskey smiles

   and anxious lips

ready to whisper

anything I wanted to hear

but never telling me

what I really

   needed to know.


Why do those faces

always look so desirable

   at night

and so terribly lonely

when the morning sun

invades my one-room world

and splashes across

   the tumbled bed?


I didn't know your name


or even what you looked like.

But I recognized you

by the sadness

in your eyes.

   Or was it

the reflection

of my own

lonely stare?

(Excerpt from the “Sadness of Happy Times” by Lou Duro:


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