Heroes by Design


Heroes by Design is the story of three friends embarking on their teen years. Sela's overzealous personality is tempered by her tomboy friend, Emily and their buddy Zach.

 After Emily's mother dies, she pushes everything and everyone away. Especially GOD. Sela is desperate to help her find her way through the darkness. She petitions her Guardian Angel. The Way twins find themselves suddenly thrown into the lives of eighth grade students. They are required to report to Sela and Emily's guardians who remain in the shadows...almost. Sela begins to see little signs of her guardian's presence. With the help of the Angels, the friends work their way through, death, prejudice, bullying, and social cliques. They learn to find Heroes in everyday people.




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About the Author

Author Name : D. A. Irsik

     Deb Irsik has worked in the beauty industry for over twenty-five years and is the owner of Makin' Waves Salon. She is a Kansas girl and shares her life with her husband, Mike, and children John and Emily. Deb is a member of The Kansas Authors Club and Emporia Writing Group. Poetry and Lyrics have always been a part of her life but she felt a call to write Middle- Grade fiction after her daughter found it difficult to be “that God girl' in eighth grade. “It is my hope that my books will encourage young people to hold on to values and faith as they navigate their teen years.” Deb can be found at; Twitter,(Writerwannabe1); and dairsik.wordpress.com.


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Latest Poem

Where are your bones, I wonder?

Your dust, your last breath?

I see you queued with your mates

In your final military assembly:

            Bates next to Beasley

            Gillum next to Green

            And so on.

It is a moment captured forever in brass letters,

The year scuffed and barely legible.

How does a hero sleep?  Do you dream of past valor?

Or soft shoulders and tender kisses lost forever?

This once hallowed ground is swathed in weeds,

Cannons and missiles rusted and impotent,

The fence sagging with age.

People pass by, but nobody sees.

Even the names have become ghosts.

John W. Bebout  2018

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