Children of the Railroad


Five young misfits, ages 14 to 23, stuck in a small town with nothing positive in sight take to the tracks and head to a new home. Striped is the one responsible for the trip, and is the guide and mediator of every situation…mostly unruly incidents.

The personalities of Seth, Shane, and Vince have all different quirks which have to be monitored. Troy being the youngest at 14 needs extra protection and motivation. Then there's the outside world…

They trek on, staring from the societal exo-skeleton, and go inside to champion the giants in a cold world. Friends and comradries are made, as generosity and sympathetic peoples offer relief, work, and shelter.

Conflicts are also met in many high crime areas. Also by small town law enforcement, and other shady types on the outskirts of society. After a death due to a mishap during a fight Vince encountered on his way back from seeing a friend off, the course changes into a journey they were not prepared for.

Later on, they are stuck fending for themselves in environments they are foreign to. They adapt, they survive, but the entrance home comes with a cost…and the doorkeepers are many.

Is happily ever after too good to obtain?

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About the Author

Author Name : brian krul



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Latest Poem

Echoes from childhood memories,

warn of dangerous nights,

down to my land of no lights.

Carrying throughout my years,

with only faded reasons why.

Following deep into my middle season,

versions I once had to silence forgotten fears.

Creating a new value,

I'm to learn somewhere here.

Finding value in discovering how to fully embrace,

Where a reliable, unforgettable love would shine through

Recovering from those hateful thoughts,

Always being found, just beneath an unnerving reality,

Those lifecycles playing out in those unheard cries,

A girls dreams to escape the evil moments over and over,

her reality hits, knowing to never hold such peace.

Her heartbroken, forgotten, young life, forever to reside within...


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