The Edge of Epoch: the Fatal Choice of Humanity


You never read it! New book "The Edge of Epoch: the Fatal Choice of Humanity".
This book is real dead water, without the acceptance of which the miracle of revival will not happen. Dear friends, If you want to understand what is happening in the world in almost all important areas of life, then this book is for you! This is the quintessence of sacred knowledge! I will be glad to your reviews on Amazon !!! English and German version in the Kindle format on Amazon:

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About the Author

Author Name : Stanislav Dubikovsky

     Stanislav Dubikovsky, formerly an intelligence officer, Arabist, since 2015 Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Development and the Editor-in-Chief of the Independent Information Resource (Kiev, Ukraine). S. Dubikovsky has three higher educations: 1 - research engineer, medical radio-physics (Kiev University named after Shevchenko); 2 - international economy; 3 - Ensuring National Security, as well as several music educations. Since 2015 PhD (Economic Sciences). Candidate for the post of Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (2015). Author of the monograph "The Edge of Epoch: The Fatal Choice of Humanity" (2019). The book is written using a over/trance-disciplinary approach. It connects: science and esoterism, medicine and biology, economics, security and geopolitics, mysticism and religion, philosophy and psychology, history and astrology. The rich professional and life experience allows the author to see in the boundless ocean of informational lies and disinformation that is hidden from the eyes of the common man. S. Dubikovsky shows the causes and origins of the processes, so many may not like it. But, as peoples say - the truth is always bitter. The author touches the most pressing world problems and impending on the humanity risks and threats. Most are afraid to talk about it, and the media deliberately silenced it. S. Dubikovsky gives you simple keys to answers to practically all important questions.


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Latest Poem

Echoes from childhood memories,

warn of dangerous nights,

down to my land of no lights.

Carrying throughout my years,

with only faded reasons why.

Following deep into my middle season,

versions I once had to silence forgotten fears.

Creating a new value,

I'm to learn somewhere here.

Finding value in discovering how to fully embrace,

Where a reliable, unforgettable love would shine through

Recovering from those hateful thoughts,

Always being found, just beneath an unnerving reality,

Those lifecycles playing out in those unheard cries,

A girls dreams to escape the evil moments over and over,

her reality hits, knowing to never hold such peace.

Her heartbroken, forgotten, young life, forever to reside within...


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