Banana Split Sunsets


Abigail Adams is hiding after her abusive, now-ex-husband escapes from prison. She's hunkered down in the small coastal town of Grouper Cove in Florida's panhandle. It's the perfect place for anyone running away; secluded and off the radar. Deciding to take up kayaking, the rental agent gives her one piece of advice - stay off the island that looms on the horizon.

Spencer Hightower lives the life of a hermit after buying his own private island. Emotionally poisoned by humanity, the only social interaction he needs is with his dog, Miracle.

When a sudden storm tosses Abby on the island's beach and cracks her kayak, she has visions of cannibals and resurrected dinosaurs. Instead she is found by a dog who leads her to a man whose only redeeming quality is his sweet spot for banana splits and sunsets…

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About the Author

Author Name : Lorah Jaiyn

     I started to really focus on my writing career after a nasty case of empty nest syndrome, followed by the dreaded absent-Gramma disorder. One novel, many anthologies, and several novellas later, I still haven't figured out my favorite genre. My projects range from horror to romance, with a little fantasy thrown in for good measure. I live in Central Florida and enjoy hiking and exploring the great outdoors. I foster baby squirrels when hurricanes hit and the need arises, and I give full credit to my Jack Russell as being both my muse and biggest distraction.


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The Black in me is sharp
My skin speaks for itself
It shines and glows
Like black pearls on a shelf

Don't question me of me
No don't do that at all
Just enjoy my light 
Cause my color stand tall

I am proud to be here
I am proud with every right
Outstretched arms hugging all
One love that's my fight

Shout and rejoice 
I am Black and proud
I am one in a million
I am unique from the crowd.
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