A Convenient Death


For Paco O'Reilly, it started out by needing to help a distraught young man that walked into his bar one night, thinking that his father had murdered his mother, years ago. It was a perfect murder, until Paco O'Reilly started looking into it. As Paco dove into the old case, he encountered deadly connections to the Cartels in Colombia and the Mob. Paco and his assistant, Joey, a paroled money launderer, tried to dodge the dangers the encountered as they dug up the past. What followed is a riveting story of betrayal and intrigue.

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About the Author

Author Name : Peter Dunev

     Peter Dunev (1947-not yet) was born in Madrid, Spain, to an American father and a Swedish mother, and grew up in Europe. He joined the US Marine Corps, became a Naval Aviator, and flew helicopters in Vietnam. Subsequently, he became a stockbroker in New York, and lived and traveled around the world for his clients for 40 years. Peter is now retired and living in the central highlands of Mexico. He spends his time writing, and when he has time, playing tennis. He recently published his fourth book, The Last Tango on Crooked Island.


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The most sensitive, yet, most supportive,
The most foolish, yet, inseparable;
Makes you know your feelings and motive,
Never lets you lose the confidence of being viable.

That is our heart. Being the central part of our blood
circulation system with arteries and veins coming in and out from the system, it is having an invaluable and infallible integral role in the literary and spiritual phases of one’s life.
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