My Boat Is So Small


Navigating the hazards of sex and marriage 

Sonia, thrown by a broken mid-life marriage, flees to Sweden to stay with her long-time Swedish friend Inge. Forty-nine, a professional woman in Washington, D.C., she's run the gamut from open relationships to an attempt at a normal marriage with Ben. Ben's got a restraining order against her after she broke into her ex-house, yet he wants her back. Her life's imploding and she's failed to get love, sex, and respectability lined up.

  Inge's had her own take on “normal,” having been a Swedish trophy wife in America. Now her mother Eleanor is fading, feeling robbed by life as a refugee and an illegitimate child whose father was hidden from her. Sonia shares her own history of broken taboos to draw Eleanor out. Inge's brother Ammon, a Sami/Laplander, sparks Sonia's bruised heart with tormenting temptation, especially after he rescues her from a foolish misadventure.

  By chance, Sonia brings the answer to their family secret.

About the Author

Author Name : Ruta Sevo

     Sevo is a boomer, a woman of the sixties. Her fiction probably involves foreign travel, spirituality, the conventions of love, and finding yourself. She has published four novels, most recently Pip of Sedro Woolley (2019), My Boat Is So Small (2017), White Bird (2014), and Vilnius Diary (2011).


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The most sensitive, yet, most supportive,
The most foolish, yet, inseparable;
Makes you know your feelings and motive,
Never lets you lose the confidence of being viable.

That is our heart. Being the central part of our blood
circulation system with arteries and veins coming in and out from the system, it is having an invaluable and infallible integral role in the literary and spiritual phases of one’s life.
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