The Diarrhea Diaries


Take a peek into the mind of the current President of the United States!

Ever wondered what Donald J. Trump is thinking at any given moment? Ponder no more because his mind is an open book… literally. The Diarrhea Diaries is not a political statement by me, but by Mr. Trump himself. Think of the 34 chapters containing 480 carefully assembled tweets as Donald Trump's greatest hits album. As he rages and rants about everything from global warming to impeachment, we get a true view into the deep-seated hostility he hurdles daily at his perceived enemies. Transcribed exactly as he posted them online, these tweets contain all of the original spelling errors, typos, and departures from the truth… exactly as Mr. Trump wrote them. To better enhance the authenticity, headers in this book were written using a newly created and downloadable font called LittleHands that replicates Mr. Trumps hand writing that appears to have been penned with a big Sharpie pen.

But don't mistake this book as a hit-piece. There is nothing made-up in this compilation. All tweets are accurate down to the excessive capitalization he is known for. Lift the curtain and enjoy the 3-ring circus that is Donald Trump's mind.

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About the Author

Author Name : robert j. emery

     R. J. Emery has written and directed seven feature films, the award-winning Starz/Encore television series “The Directors,” The four-part Public Broadcasting mini-series, “The Genocide Factor,” hosted by Academy Award © winner actor Jon Voight, the MSNBC documentary, “For God & Country: A Marine Sniper's Story”, hosted by Lest Holt, as well as many others. Upon his retirement from film production, Mr. Emery turned to writing full time and has since won a number of book awards. He publishes his novels under the pen name R.J. Eastwood and his non-fiction writing under his own name. Learn more at


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Latest Poem


By D.M. McGowan 2018


They taught us many things in school and some of us where fine

At following the words and rules along a designated line

A few were branded trouble when they left the proven trail

And popped the system bubble when they just refused to fail


“If you do exactly what we say you’re sure to get an “A”

Though you may not learn very much to help you through the day

But you’ll get the all important grade and be every politician’s dupe

For if you follow where you’re lead you’ll think they speak the truth”


What many didn’t see both students and the staff

It isn’t learning simple facts but how to love and laugh

Edison, Curie, Gates and Einstein they all had imagination

They didn’t follow another’s path or stay locked within their station.


Sure there is knowledge we all need in writing, science and math

Some we need more than others depending on our chosen path

And if you intend to just get along to do only as you’re told

What need for any new idea? What need to be so bold?


But if you intend to make a mark to be a Gates, or Jobs or Woz

You’ll need some imagination to be anywhere near the top

How do you exercise imagination, build its strength and survival?

Understand poetry, fiction and music to rise above any rival.



“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” Marie Curie.


“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”  Jane Austen


“Study the past and you’ll know your mistakes aren’t unique.” Dave McGowan


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