Window In The Sky : The Love Ring


"Window In The Sky" is a collection of thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams, put into words and drawings during the author's teenage years and onward into his twenties.

This is a very personal insight into the mind of a shy and extremely private young man, sharing his thoughts on growing up, love and heartbreak; coming to terms with his feelings in a world that seemed very much at odds with his own way of looking at life.

The author never intended for anyone else to read what he had written; in fact the contents of this book remained almost forgotten until, whilst sorting through a box of old belongings, several books filled with many of these poems, drawings and short stories were rediscovered.

Reading through his own words again, after so many years, the author wished that he could send a message back to his younger self, to let him know that life would get better and that the world he experienced in his youth would change beyond imagination.

The contents of this book have been left largely as originally written during the 1970's, with the addition of a couple of more recent pieces and a forward, entitled "The Rainbow".

About the Author

Author Name : Charles Paul Fox

     The author, Paul, was born in Epsom, England. His teenage years were spent in West Sussex, before moving on to live in south London. After a short time in banking Paul started a long career within the airline industry and spent the rest of his working life travelling the world.


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Latest Poem

Where are your bones, I wonder?

Your dust, your last breath?

I see you queued with your mates

In your final military assembly:

            Bates next to Beasley

            Gillum next to Green

            And so on.

It is a moment captured forever in brass letters,

The year scuffed and barely legible.

How does a hero sleep?  Do you dream of past valor?

Or soft shoulders and tender kisses lost forever?

This once hallowed ground is swathed in weeds,

Cannons and missiles rusted and impotent,

The fence sagging with age.

People pass by, but nobody sees.

Even the names have become ghosts.

John W. Bebout  2018

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