The Keyz to My Soul: An Unexpected Love


“I know I'm young, but I don't think love is supposed to feel like this.” 

This thought often crossed young La La's mind when things would get bad between her and her man, Dro. No matter how many times he made her look stupid in the hood, she made a vow to herself that she would still be his lady. It seemed like the more he hurt her, the more she loved him.

Dro is a man or should I say a boy who does what he wants to whoever he wants, including La La. With his mother leaving before he was old enough to know who she was, he was raised by his father, a well known pimp. Picking up on his father's traits, he never had respect for women. La La was the only woman he ever loved, and that too meant little to nothing. Making his way around the hood with the ladies, he never once thought about La La's feelings. He knew he had her heart and mind, and that's all he needed to keep her around. 

The saying “you never miss a good thing until it's gone,” hit Dro hard when La La finally made the decision to move on without him. Meeting new people, landing a new job, and pushing Dro to the back of her mind, life was starting to look up for her, or so she thought...

About the Author

Author Name : Dedra B.



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