7½ Short Stories


7½ short stories you'll want to read

(crime - betrayal - murder - love)

Each story has a great twist you won't see coming. All explore the human condition in novel ways. Some delve into the darker side. Crime and murder feature strongly as does betrayal, but there's also a dash of humour and a sprinkling of love.

The half-story at the end is a bonus. It's ‘The Night Before Christmas' and it leaves Emily with a choice – and it's not an easy one! Read her story and decide what you want to happen.

What the stories are about

1. Ace Pratt and Skylark's Surprise: Ace feels broken after his failed suicide but Skylark's surprise changes his life for ever.

2. Diamonds Aren't Forever: Why would anyone tip a bag of real diamonds into the sea?

3. Promise of Death: Derek has promised to cut out Rosalind's treacherous heart but he's in a secure psychiatric hospital, isn't he?

4. Miss Baker's Chat: Will Miss Baker see things Spencer's way or will her chat end in carnage?

5. The Door: Just what every lady wants for her birthday: an ancient door with no hinges. What!

6. Tangled Web: Bill unjustly accuses Sandra of having an affair but just who ends up dead?

7. The Responsible Citizen: With vile accusations flying, someone has to step in – enter the responsible citizen.

7½. The Night Before Christmas: It's exactly one year since Emily's husband left her. You get half the story. It's up to you how her Christmas Eve ends.

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About the Author

Author Name : Robert D Turvil

     Robert writes from his home in southern England and feels that reading should be like riding a roller-coaster, but with a blindfold so you can't see what's coming. He tempts his readers with unusual takes on life and rolls in much of the bizarre baggage that goes with it. He also presents challenges, not only in weaving absorbing stories with multiple twists and turns, but also in addressing the core instincts that make us human. His writing style and originality have been widely praised and, as one professional reviewer put it: ‘There can be little argument that Robert Turvil is an exceptionally talented writer who really knows how to spin a tale.' Another reviewer said of his work: ‘A first-rate story from beginning to end, peopled with a cast of wonderfully quirky and entirely unpredictable characters, and it's the kind of book that stays with you long after the reading's done.'


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How foolish do you have to be to fall so completely?
Thinking we were lovers,
Now realizing it was nothing.
Forgetting the simple rule,
To look before you leap, 
And living a fool's paradise.
Falling in love with such a mystery,
But having no one to pick you up.
Being led on and on a foolish dream,
Thinking about what may be.
Now realizing your love was fake
And your heart was black.
Confined between hell and paradise in
A vicious cycle.
Bound from aspiration
To a masquerade act.
Clinging to salvation with
Seeds of self-destruction.
Laughter shifts to whispers,
Blinded from illumination.
Revenge forgoes redemption.
This is a fool's paradise.
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