Mysterious Mike and the Hmong


Two reviews: One by a man who served in the CIA's Secret War in Laos and another by someone who'd never heard of it. Yet they both reach the same conclusion. Mysterious Mike and the Hmong is a great read!

The Real Stuff: Burton's tales of Mysterious Mike reminded me of many of the individuals I knew in Laos. Pop Buell comes to mind. Mike is a composite of so many Americans who lived and worked in Laos before during and after my assignment with CAS (the CIA) there. A detailed story of the “Secret War”. A great read!

Charles E. Farr – Review on Amazon

This is an awesome book about an unknown world and an overlooked people. Fantastik, well-written book!!

MSMSMSKSKDKEKEL – Review on Amazon


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About the Author

Author Name : Mike Burton

     I spent four years (1967-71) in Thailand and Laos during the Vietnam War as a Thai/Lao translator/interpreter with a now long gone outfit called the US Army Security Agency. The most important and eye-opening four years of my life. No other four years come close. Learned about the tragedy of war firsthand. Learned how dangerous, irrational, and just plain strange the world can be. Laos was a particularly good place to learn those things. An "Alice in Wonderland" war in a fantasy Kingdom. But he blood and guts and suffering were real...all too real. Started writing about it 8 years ago at age 67. Still can't stop.


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