Seduction & Destruction


If you're married to a murderer, you'd better plan his demise stealthily. 

When her brother causes the death of one of the Brady family, well-known south-east London villains, Kate finds herself forced into a marriage with the eldest Brady son to pay the debt. 

Despite knowing how violent he is, Kate's friend, Janey, helps her plot revenge, the seduction and then destruction of Kate's husband. It is a dangerous game to play, as the Brady family is a powerful London crime family with both money and influence, and very few morals. But it is Kate's fascination with the seedier side of London life, and her friendship with another of London's villains, a rival to the Brady family, that introduces complications neither of them saw coming. Just who is playing whom?

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About the Author

Author Name : Julia Colbourn

     Why do I write what I write? I have a television in my head. I can change channels. I can mute it when other stuff comes along that demands my attention ...but I can't turn it off. As soon as I have any ‘me' time, I turn the volume up and channel hop. So what's on these channels? Well, it's all drama, but a whole range of stuff from dark to light-hearted, from historical drama to modern to futuristic. What I do is watch a few scenes and see if it grabs my attention. If it does, I stay with it and see where it goes. If it's got enough body, I'll turn it into a book! Pot luck on the genre! Of course, it's my subconscious doing all this. The original first few scenes must come from what I've seen and heard over my 62 year lifespan. I read voraciously so some scenes may be from classic or contemporary novels that have stuck in my mind. Other scenes are from observing people and their behaviour. Then my subconscious gets to work to flesh out the novel. Inevitably I skew it towards my interests: people and relationships (especially quirky ones), horses, science and philosophy. I also have a fascination for people's religious persuasions, though I'm atheist myself. In my first book, The Glass Knight, I invented a whole new religion and my heroine's partner (I always lean towards a strong female lead) becomes a sort of cult figure in the sequel, The Darkness of the Knight. My first two books are set in the future after a cataclysmic pole shift (something else that has always fascinated me after reading Graham Handcock's Fingerprints of the Gods). In them I explore what direction humanity would travel in, if things were reduced to pre-technology status and it contains some GCSE science and inevitably, people being people, betrayal, violence and death. I also explore what direction evolution would take if plant life was reduced. They were also written with hidden meanings for the Mensan mind to discover. However, my third book, Seduction & Destruction, is much more mainstream. It is set mainly in the 1970s and 80s and draws on many of my own memories of living in SE London. It still contains quirky relationships, betrayal, violence and death, the gritty stuff of life, but in a much more familiar setting than an apocalyptic future. Less science, less philosophy, though I hope the book leaves people with many questions! Try it and see! All my books can be found on Amazon for £1.99 (kindle version) and they are also available in paperback.


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Latest Poem

How foolish do you have to be to fall so completely?
Thinking we were lovers,
Now realizing it was nothing.
Forgetting the simple rule,
To look before you leap, 
And living a fool's paradise.
Falling in love with such a mystery,
But having no one to pick you up.
Being led on and on a foolish dream,
Thinking about what may be.
Now realizing your love was fake
And your heart was black.
Confined between hell and paradise in
A vicious cycle.
Bound from aspiration
To a masquerade act.
Clinging to salvation with
Seeds of self-destruction.
Laughter shifts to whispers,
Blinded from illumination.
Revenge forgoes redemption.
This is a fool's paradise.
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