The Holston Collection


"The Holston Collection" is packed with action, thrills and suspense as well as some of the supernatural with a little time-travel and sorcery added for good measure. There's never a dull moment anywhere from cover to cover.

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About the Author

Author Name : Jimmy A Jones

     Jimmy A. Jones began writing in earnest in February 2018. He had three stories published that year by Millhaven Press in Ashville, NC while working on his first novel. After some down time with two liver transplants in June 2019, back and healthier than ever, he released a collection of short stories and novelettes titled "The Holston Collection" February 28th, 2020 with Tree District Books publishingco. while the novel he's worked on for two years is in the final editing stages. For more information, visit his website or Facebook page : www.facebook//@silvereyes2018. The collection is available at, #Amazon and Kindle


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Our untold story waits for its explosion

As our love ages more than we know.

The first time I saw you under a peepal tree

With your hair flowing in the air like

It has escaped all the aches and your lips

Weaving stories of a fairytale, I knew

It was you who warmed all my particles of heart

And now they are restless for an explosion;

An explosion of vigorous love, care and bond.

Everytime I sublime myself in the sweet essence of you,

I can feel the explosion of eternity occuring in my skin.

~ ©storytellersuchismita

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