An Extraordinary Day


ANGEL ENCOUNTERS, a near car accident, and the strange turn of events with the school bully has Toby's head spinning. Through one simple prayer, his eyes are opened to see into a different realm where ANGELS are at work. Toby's ordinary day is transformed into EXTRAORDINARY! But who is going to believe him? 
A beautifully illustrated Christian 
Children's book with the added bonus of hunting for the 21 hidden crickets concealed in the detailed artwork.

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About the Author

Author Name : T.Vanzetti & L.Johnson

     Authors, Tania Vanzetti and Lorraine Johnson had a dream to present something more in children's Christian literature. An Extraordinary Day is certainly out-of-the-box, and aims to help children understand the work of angels (warrior angels, messenger angels and guardian angels,) in a fun and non-confrontational way. The authors are currently preparing for the release of the sequel due on Amazon mid 2021


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Latest Poem

Where are your bones, I wonder?

Your dust, your last breath?

I see you queued with your mates

In your final military assembly:

            Bates next to Beasley

            Gillum next to Green

            And so on.

It is a moment captured forever in brass letters,

The year scuffed and barely legible.

How does a hero sleep?  Do you dream of past valor?

Or soft shoulders and tender kisses lost forever?

This once hallowed ground is swathed in weeds,

Cannons and missiles rusted and impotent,

The fence sagging with age.

People pass by, but nobody sees.

Even the names have become ghosts.

John W. Bebout  2018

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