Grade 3 to AP: Memoirs of a Black Male Educator


The American public education system is, undoubtedly, a machine. Many would argue its efficiency, but it is a machine nonetheless. Educators and School leaders are the cogs that keep it afloat. Often, this comes at a great deal of expense to those who are on the front lines, serving in our school buildings on a daily basis. What is the nature of this understanding for black educators, considering the historical context of racial inequities in our society? What does this mean for black students? Furthermore, what are the implications for a black male educator who is a product of the public school system himself?Cedric Scott, Jr. is an educator who has served in the District of Columbia Public Schools as a teacher, instructional coach, and Assistant Principal in the elementary education sector. Being a product of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, the author offers his account of matriculation through school as a student and progression as a professional educator, all while navigating life's challenges and what it means to be a young, black male in America. “Grade 3 to AP: Memoirs of a Black Male Educator,” presents a narrative composed of self-realization, opportune circumstance, and deep reflection.

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Author Name : Cedric Scott, Jr.



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