Ten Commandments… mandates of love or weapons of revenge?

Back Cover Synopsis: A once-devout Christian turns against God vowing revenge against the Divine. His first act of revenge: breaking The Ten Commandments! On his quest, he meets Sam Johnson, a kind retired preacher who tries to defend God's righteousness and reignite divine love within the man's heart. The random encounter on a train leaves a long-lasting impact on both men that would change their lives forever.

When the faithful turn vengeful,
there is no telling what they will do next…

A little more info: The two main characters help uncover what would happen if a “normal” Christian is pushed to his breaking point and vows revenge against God. What would happen when a non-criminal tries to steal, kill, and commit adultery simply out of desire for revenge? Would he be able to do such things? What would his internal struggle be? How would he react toward a kind-hearted believer willing to help?
The narrative is intertwined with journal entries from different times after a stated incident, which converge at the end of the story to bring the full picture to light. The story is comparable to a modern-day Biblical Book of Job, with mild suspense and romantic undertone giving depth to the argument surrounding God's righteousness.

Where was God?

When pain comes, it could be difficult at times to avoid questioning the justice and righteousness of God. Where is He and why bad things happen to good people? Although this book will not provide an apologetic or structured defense, it does follow certain thoughts to their logical conclusion through narrative and provide different Christian insights along the way.

Target Audience: This book will appeal mostly to Christian adults. It would also appeal to Agnostic adults considering Christianity. The topic is not one that targets a specific denomination, so it would appeal to the general Christian public.

About the Author

Author Name : Ben Zakhary



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Don't I feel like a loser when I learn you're through with me.
It was news to everyone, especially to me.
Don't I feel pathetic, like there's something wrong with me.
She is far more beautiful than I could ever be.
I stand here null and solemn, though it must be written on my face,
that I've found before the world what you couldn't say to my face.
You blow right on by me with your new love, hand in hand.
So smug, haughty, and thoughtless.  You are not much of a man.
Filled with anger, through and through, I feel like I could drown.
I lift my glass and drink fast to chase the feeling down.
I close my eyes.  I still see your face.  Somehow I should have known.
You kill me inside with a passing glance, and now my heart grows cold.
So much time spent in a one sided love was wasted all on you.
Don't I feel like a loser for ever caring about you.

By Anne Rasico (Joyce)

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