Pizza Monster Detective Thick


This fun and inviting Pizza Monster Detective Thick story has adorable Pizza Monsters! Pizza Monster Detective thick is looking for a pair of headphones that went missing from Thin Cheesy Pizza Monsters bedroom , so Pizza Monster Detective Thick is on the case. 
New children's book series, Pizza Monster was Written and designed for Children to have Fun with Silly characters. This book is great for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters that love to read to the little ones, or young inspiring readers. Extra fun mazes at the end of the book. Have the child use their fingers to get through the maze.

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About the Author

Author Name : Ally May

     Ally May is a Graphic Designer, AutoCAD Drafter Designer, Author, Illustrator, wife, mother and grandmother. Her passion is writing kids stories and designing each page to come alive. She started writing kid stories when her children were small as a hobby. Now a grandmother of two, she enjoys writing and illustrating books for her grandchildren and having them help her to choose a book to write about. Ally May worked at Spectrum for thirty-one years, the last twenty as a Senior Cad Drafter Designer. Her position at Spectrum was being moved to Denver Colorado, A promotion was offered, but that was a long way from her beloved family and friends. Ally May believes everything happens for a reason and took the opportunity to work on her Children's books full time. She believes if you have a dream and have the opportunity to live it, the sky is the limit.


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