Dark Tales of Fantasy


In the end,

when Evil Things happen to Good People,

there never is a happy ending.

Five stories of classical fantasy with a touch of horror from debut author Wayne C. Hannis.

Myth and magic collide in these five tales of tragedy, when Evil Things happen to good people. Like Oril Ahern, Regent of the Kingdom of Tasmorea. All he wants is to hand the throne to his nephew. Prince Coel Ahern, heir to the Northern Throne, believes it is his "To Rule by Right" now that he has come of age.

And Niall Emayn, a black smith who just wants to live his life with his family, until a stranger appears and hires him to forge a sword. Niall will soon learn how "The Sword cuts deep".

Because in the end, when Evil Things happen to Good People, there never is a happy ending.

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About the Author

Author Name : Wayne C. Hannis

     Wayne lives in the fantastic realm of the sunny Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada. While growing up he played along creeks and in ravines, climbed ancient spruce trees and swam in clear fresh-water lakes. So it's no wonder his life is steeped in imaginative magic, and the world he's created has a lore as old as the mountains. Growing up, Wayne played Dungeons and Dragons, while reading authors like David Eddings, Terry Brooks and Piers Anthony. They instilled his love for fantasy at a young age as he spent many hours mesmerized by the art from 'The Savage Sword of Conan'.


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Don't I feel like a loser when I learn you're through with me.
It was news to everyone, especially to me.
Don't I feel pathetic, like there's something wrong with me.
She is far more beautiful than I could ever be.
I stand here null and solemn, though it must be written on my face,
that I've found before the world what you couldn't say to my face.
You blow right on by me with your new love, hand in hand.
So smug, haughty, and thoughtless.  You are not much of a man.
Filled with anger, through and through, I feel like I could drown.
I lift my glass and drink fast to chase the feeling down.
I close my eyes.  I still see your face.  Somehow I should have known.
You kill me inside with a passing glance, and now my heart grows cold.
So much time spent in a one sided love was wasted all on you.
Don't I feel like a loser for ever caring about you.

By Anne Rasico (Joyce)

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