Limited Duty


Limited Duty is a uniquely compelling and inspiring memoir of a soldiers life leading up to and through WWII. His personal triumph of overcoming a severe physical disability as a child, to eventually changing others perception of him and his handicap, and proving himself worthy of serving his country. As a soldier from the north he witnessed first hand the racial tension between the whites and those blacks he befriended. His surviving a botched appendectomy, operating a lucrative gambling enterprise on base, dancing with Judy Garland at the Hollywood Canteen, experiencing the initial test of the atomic bomb to his discharge from the military in January 1946. These are just some of the historical events that provided a fascinating, and often times humorous look into his military career of a stateside soldier.Limited Duty is a stateside soldiers version of Beyond Band of Brothers - The Memoirs of Major Dick Winters. It offers an interesting perspective on military life of stateside soldiers who trained and prepared others for combat. It details Corporal Furlipa's extreme measures in an attempt to receive combat eligibility during his military career. Limited duty also provides rare personal glimpses into historical events (unreported hurricane that hit the Texas coast, Beaumont riots, Boxer Joe Louis and his Brown Bomber Softball team, dancing with Judy Garland at the Hollywood Canteen, and Trinity Nuclear Bomb Test) experienced by Corporal Ted Furlipa.

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About the Author

Author Name : Tadeous Furlepa

     Tadeous Furlepa is a first time author with a passion for World War II history. His journey into writing started when he decided to chronicle his father's World War II experiences as a soldier who was given the designation, “1B” Limited Duty. What started out as a personal desire to learn about his father's military service, eventually lead him to write his father's biography. His intent is for the reader to find his father's life story as inspirational, humorous, and as genuine as the man who lived it, his father. In his spare time he and his wife enjoy traveling to historic venues.


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