I'm Not Leaving You, I'm Loving Me


In, I'm Not Leaving You, I'm Loving Me, Carla E. Criswell takes her readers on her journey through understanding and appreciating the essentials of self-love and self-discovery. It offers a clear perspective on how insecurities and fears distract us from true happiness. She is honest, vulnerable, and very transparent about how the traumas, tragedies, and failed relationships of her past led her to a dark place of brokenness and worthiness. She focuses on accepting accountability and how the transformations in her life opened the door for her to heal and live a better life.

Carla E. Criswell created this book to help those who struggle with developing healthy relationships and who also struggle with loving and putting themselves first. She allows the readers to use her personal story as a tool to get inspired and encouraged to do the necessary work to create his/her own journey of self-love so they too can live the life God has designed for them.  

I'm Not Leaving You, I'm Loving Me, expresses the importance of the healing process and progress and how each individual will have his/her own path to take. She reflects on not only the lessons she learned on her personal journey, but also her successes. Even though she claims to not be an expert, her transparency and authenticity as an author allow the readers to trust her practical recommendations on ways to get to the other side of healing and live in your truth and purpose.

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About the Author

Author Name : Carla E. Criswell

     Carla E. Criswell was born in Chicago, Illinois and now lives in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She is the recipient of a Bachelor's degree in "Middle Grades Education" from Western Kentucky University and a Master's degree in "Educational Leadership" from the University of the Cumberlands. After several failed relationships and a major setback in her personal and professional life, she sought and fostered a closer relationship with God and herself and began living in her truth and purpose. Her goal is to inspire and encourage young girls and women to start the process of healing past traumas and tragedies so they don't sabotage their future. She is currently a highly motivated teacher, mentor, and self-published author of a personal memoir, “I'm Not Leaving You, I'm Loving Me.” When she's not writing or taking care of her two children, she enjoys cooking, traveling, shopping, and self-care.


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  A gentle breeze blows in the warm summer air, 
     pebbles and sand beneath my feet.
          An ocean mist sprays my face
            as I uncover my nakedness.
         A gentle breeze against my skin.
           If only Love could find me
         the way the sea wants to take me in.
           Salty water rushes to shore, 
         knocking my skinny body down
                to the soft sand below.

    Cool water rushes round my tender skin.
  One naked soul hidden only by the foam 
        of the waves under a dim moonlit night.

   A cool rush frees my soul as I run back to shore,
     refreshed by nature in the warm summer air.
          Standing naked among pebbles and sand.
                 If only Love could find me 
                 standing here at the shore.

            S.M. Jordan 2004


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