Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness After Surgical Menopause


Imagine if you went to sleep one night and discovered your whole life had changed when you awoke the next morning. That is what happened to me when I went into surgery expecting one result, but was faced with an entirely different reality – one that had a lasting impact on my life.

COME BACK STRONG is about finding balance in mind, body, and spirit. It's about being empowered to play an active part of your own health care team. It's about managing expectations and choosing your perspective. It's about uncovering and embracing your passion. It's about discovering your purpose. It's about learning to come back strong from a devastating life event, listen to your heart, and create a life you choose.

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Author Name : Lori Ann King

     Second Wind I didn't plan to be a writer. I didn't major in Creative Writing, Journalism, or English Lit. In fact, my undergraduate degree was in Recreation and my graduate work was in Information Systems and Telecommunications Management. The fact is, I spent close to three decades trying to work out what I wanted to do with my life. I went from job to job exploring, striving, learning, and always searching for that one perfect job where my gifts, talents, skills, passions, and purpose would fit. Despite all the change one thing remains: I love to read and write. It's like breathing. When I read, I inhale. When I write, I exhale. The combination of the two gives me insight I can't find anywhere else. I love the aha moments, the universal themes, and the life lessons that can be found in just about any situation, be it trauma, tragedy, or triumph. Which is probably why I landed on memoir (and self-help), where I can write about universal truths that are illustrated by something deeply personal. I can dive deep into all kinds of experiences — abuse, divorce, surgery, surgical menopause, cancer, and racial tensions as well as cycling, the gym, food sensitivity, health transformations, road trips, setbacks and comebacks — and pull out the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can add lightness and laughter and find the positive. As I embrace hope and joy and share it with the world, it gets multiplied. “A joy shared is multiplied; a sorrow shared is divided.” ~ Proverb I began blogging in 2014 but it was in 2016 when I whispered my heart's desire to be a best-selling author. I always thought my first book would be about life lessons from the bike or cycling shorts (stories) but that book remains in incubation while others rise to the forefront based on the seasons of my life. Over the years I've written about all sorts of wellness topics, which I categorize as the Wheels to Wellness. The main four themes that have emerged are True Health – In mind, body, spirit and emotion Love – “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” The problem is, we don't love ourselves enough. Laughter – It truly is the best medicine Freedom – Because at some point we've all been in chains


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Latest Poem

Countless things put together make us who we are

Perhaps what we’ve learned or things seen near and far

True or false learned from numerous varied sources

Or perhaps something seen travelling many courses


It has been my great pleasure to see some special lands

Majestic mountain vistas, Alberta’s haunting badlands

The vastness of the prairie with horizon never reached

The power of the ocean from a shell strewn beach


I’ve crossed giant rivers, walked beside the babbling brook

Seen the best and worst of nature seldom pictured in a book

The crags of mountain passes, topped by winter’s sparkling load

Miles and miles of wheat the sun and rain has turned to gold.


Acres and acres of deep green peas, topped by the pink of bloom.

Offset in midst of summer with bright yellow canola bloom

A patch-work quilt from nature and the work of many hands

Laid out in squares and diamonds across a great productive land.


The history of Bedford Basin, Louisbourg, Queenston Heights

Twenty four hours of daylight, mysterious northern lights

Beaver pelts to England to make all kinds of hats

And each spring the best of sugar boiled from Maple sap.


A strong beautiful stallion, head high, nostrils flared,

Eyes full of fire and danger as he guards his heard of mares

Several hundred cattle grazing the luscious grass

Or bedded in the shade to let the hot day pass.


Hundreds of pictures we catalogue as we go passing by

Let the good ones erase the bad, or at least let them try

Some of it we saw and some of it we learned.

Some good and some bad but somehow always earned.


There’s always strife and woe, you don’t need to hunt it up

Forget it, let it lay. You know there’s the rub

You may hate this or that but it’s all part of the way

You became who you are; what you are today.

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