THE POWER OF THE CHRISTIAN LEADER: Recognizing Your Leadership Position In God's Kingdom


Hey guys, I want to let you know about my newest book available on Amazon. It's about the awesome ministry and calling you have as a Christian!  But, let me ask you this, does your spiritual life seem lethargic and complacent? Deep in your heart, is there an indwelling hunger and thirst for more of all God wants to do in and through you for others? Until you step into your leadership position, you will miss out on the joy and fulfillment which are a result of recognizing and functioning according to your Divine purpose. God has called you to take dominion, to rule and reign in your life, and to be a great example that will influence and inspire those around you. In this book I want to encourage you to step out of the boat of mediocrity and complacency and be the awesome leader the Lord has made you in Christ! Allow that mighty leader within you to be fully displayed. You have been called out of this world by God for a Divine purpose. There are people waiting for you to be the leader you are destined to be! This leadership book has 170 pages and 7 chapters. The chapters are: Everyone is a Leader-Knowing Your Identity in Christ-Knowing the Gifts and Abilities You Have Been Giving-Bringing Your Supply-Having a Vision-Having a Right Attitude-True Normalcy.

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About the Author

Author Name : Dwayne and Leia Norman

     Dwayne Norman is a 1978 graduate of Christ For The Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas. He received his Doctor of Theology from New Life Bible school in Cleveland, Tennessee, and his Doctor of Divinity from Kingsbury Bible college in Vinton, Virginia. He spent 3 years witnessing to prostitutes and pimps in the red-light district of Dallas during his time at Bible school. From there he went on to minister 3 years as a team leader in the Campus Challenge Ministry of Dr. Norvel Hayes. He also teaches as a guest minister at Dr. Hayes Bible school in Tennessee. In 1982 he began teaching and ministering through out the nation. He teaches powerfully on supernatural evangelism and how God wants to use all Believers in demonstrating His Kingdom in Word and in power! He teaches with clarity the work that God accomplished for every Believer in Christ from the cross to the throne, and the importance of this revelation to the Church for the fulfillment of Jesus' commission to make disciples of all nations. He strongly believes that we are called to do the works Jesus did and greater works in His Name, not just in church but especially in the marketplace. He and his wife Leia travel and teach supernatural evangelism, the mystery of Christ, faith, grace, and healing. And they train Believers in the understanding of the varied aspects of their identity in Christ. He teaches the Word on internet radio Monday through Friday at 4PM Eastern Standard time and Saturday and Sunday at 7:30AM Eastern Standard time on (The Word of Faith Radio Network). His program is called Victory in the Word. He has written 20 teaching books which are available on their ministry webstie: His books are also available on Their YouTube channel is: Dwayne Norman Victory in the Word, with over 120 video teachings. Their email address is: and facebook page is: Dwayne Norman Ministries.


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