"The Curse Must Be Broken!"


Book 1
"The Curse Must Be Broken!"
As a result of their parents' lifestyles, children from different walks of life inherit curses that make their adult lives, a living hell. As this touching high energy suspense unfolds--

--A classy young woman, being gifted and full of wisdom, is baffled by her desire to steal and is devastated when she learns that she is a kleptomaniac.

--An intelligent school teacher with strong principles and high morals is overcome by a desire for sex and is recklessly driven by a psychotic addiction to sexual immorality.

--A minister of the Gospel is eventually repelled to leave his church and take the law into his own hands as he regrettably seeks revenge against the mob to save his family.

--A journalist, who dreads being an only child, learns that the adversarial coworker that's trying to destroy her, is her half sister.

--A scarred undercover FBI Agent who abandoned her family, attempts to secure her family's future by killing the enemy of her past.

These spiritual, high-energy dramas, unfolds within families in Atlanta Georgia, as uncontrollable curses rule and seek to destroy them. The question is... “Will The Curse Be Broken”,,,,,,, or passed...

About the Author

Author Name : William C Lewis / Jennifer Smith

     This Father/Daughter duo united in 2012 to bring their audience the best in quality reading. William, a business graduate of the University of Maryland, began to research and seek information about his family's history and others in efforts to know why people sometimes act or respond outside of their character. Jennifer, his beloved daughter, decided not to write, but instead she used her wisdom and knowledge to helped her dad to connect the dots that made this "ONE STORY - 7 NOVELS Series," possible. In the end, these stories were written for your reading pleasure...Enjoy! *************** GERMAN -- Dieses Vater-Tochter-Duo hat sich 2012 zusammengeschlossen, um seinem Publikum die beste Lesequalität zu bieten. William, ein Wirtschaftsabsolvent der University of Maryland, begann zu recherchieren und Informationen über die Geschichte seiner Familie und anderer zu suchen, um herauszufinden, warum Menschen manchmal außerhalb ihres Charakters handeln oder reagieren. Jennifer, seine geliebte Tochter, entschied sich, nicht zu schreiben, sondern nutzte stattdessen ihre Weisheit und ihr Wissen, um ihrem Vater zu helfen, die Punkte zu verbinden, die diese "EINE GESCHICHTE - 7 NOVEL Serie" ermöglichten. Letztendlich wurden diese Geschichten für Ihr Lesevergnügen geschrieben ... Viel Spaß!


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  • A war is raging within my heart
    As I see things around me fall apart
    Worry has a grip on me
    And I do not know what will be
    Why do I let the fear come in?
    When I believe that I am strong
    I will not stand for people judging me
    Because I am more than they can see
    So, it does not matter what you think
    You will not push me to the brink
    Maybe it is time to do a rethink
    About the things you thought of me
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