Living the Dream is not another book about accumulating great material wealth and living a luxurious life by using knowledge of the fundamental law of attraction (simply put, you attract what you focus on). This book is written to awaken you to the fact that you're dreaming now. Yes, you. Your life is a dream, an illusion in your mind, streaming across consciousness on autopilot without the power of individual direction from your point of observation. The pilot is asleep. Living the Dream is about finding your true being within the dream and deliberately, with knowledge and understanding, taking charge of and directing this mental process we call life.

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Author Name : ONE IAM

     One Iam, Master of the mental manipulation of "physical matter", time, and space. Born July 26, 1957, in Detroit Michigan USA. The second of seven siblings. Father of three, two sons and a daughter. Currently resides in Detroit, MI. A former active member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC 9+ Degrees. "The All is Mind. The Universe is Mental." - The Kybalion. The Universe is information projected under rules and laws to appear as a "physical" manifestation. The Universe is entirely mental and as such, it can be mentally manipulated to deliver whatever life you will. The Law Of Attraction is only the beginning of understanding this mental process. Get my books, they are written to help you.


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